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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How the US & British Banking Cartels Funded Hitler *video(s)*

Bernie Madoff, you were a piker and chump change swindler, strictly pony league.

We found this site quite fascinating although very complicated to chronologically navigate. The videos are interesting in themselves! The blogger has devoted a great deal of diligent research on its content. Good place to spend your afternoon carousing. 

Will it some day be reported how the banking cartel funded US presidents' wars on the world?

Here's a video teaser to start you off:

In 1939, Czechoslovakia had an accumulated 6,000,000 million pounds (British currency pounds, maybe?) of gold deposited in the Central BANK OF ENGLAND that had its account in the BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS ( BIS ) transfer $6,000,000 million pounds of gold into the REICHSBANK of Germany.

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  Central Bank Gold Bullion War Reallocations Part 2 of 5

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

ReviewReviewReviewReview$135 Billion U.S. Federal Reserve Note Series 1934 Bonds In Italy Seizure ( 2009 )

$135 Billion U.S. Federal Reserve Note Series 1934 Bonds In Italy Seizure ( 2009 )
by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence - Staff Writer [ e-mail: ]

October 24, 2010 09:01:22 ( PST ) Updated ( Original: June 3, 2009 22:42:08 )

ITALY, Chiasso - June 1, 2009 - Border authorities here today detained two ( 2 ) Japan citizens [ i.e. Don Mitsuyoshi Watanabe (aka) Mitsuyoshi Watanabe ( ) and Akihiko Yamaguchi ( ) ] traveling by train to Switzerland with suitcase luggage equipped with a hidden bottom compartment containing 249 central bank paper certificates enscribed with "U.S. Federal Reserve Note" and "Series 1934" displaying face values of $500,000,000 million U.S. dollars each plus interest coupons [ numbered D 45184101 A and D 45184350 A ], in-addition to ten [ 10 ] other U.S. Federal Reserve Note certificate bonds believed dated during the U.S. President Kennedy Administration displaying a face value of $1,000,000,000 billion U.S. dollars each, and two [ 2 ] Japan government Series 57 bonds [ numbers: A 1306 and A 1310 ] A total of 259 United States Federal Reserve Note certificate Bonds seized totaling $134,600,000,000 billion U.S. dollars seemed bound for Switzerland.

[ NOTE: Begin viewing the complete "Slideshow" color photo presentation of all image documents surrounding this $134.6 billion border seizure case, at: ( click: "Slideshow" ) ]

In addition to United States Treasury Federal Reserve Notes ( FRN ) there were Japan government Series 57 bonds [ ] dated April 30, 1958.

Japan Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano addressed the public, shortly after the $134,600,000,000 billion U.S. dollars in certificates were seized, declaring the Japan government was confident about its U.S. Treasury outlook. "We have complete trust by the fact that U.S. views its strong dollar policy as fundamental," Yosano stated.

The two ( 2 ) men from Japan, caught with the $134,600,000,000 billion (USD) in U.S. Treasury Federal Reserve Bank certificate notes and bonds, were not named [ i.e. Don Mitsuyoshi Watanabe (aka) Mitsuyoshi Watanabe ( ) and Akihiko Yamaguchi ( ) ].

Since 1998, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( UPI ) websites - and its predecessor websites - have alerted the global public as well as providing certain professionals with intelligence on global financial instrument fraud. UPI websites link to numerous detailed reports, image document copies, and accompanying support documents surrounding these high-value legacy financial instruments including the infamous Series 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve Note certificate bonds, recently seized by federal authorities in Italy.

Unlawfully distributed high-value financial instruments, known as "Restricted Securities," have been distributed for decades by a select group of international individuals tied to radical religious fundamentalist rebels and terrorists.

What remains unsolved is the fact that these financial instrument distributors are either mysteriously released by various national federal law enforcement authorities, never named, and / or never charged with a crime.

According to the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website host, its global database of privately gathered intelligence provides information and a lengthy list of individual names involved, even some prominent Japanese men whose names, notarized signatures, and copies of their passports are attached to support documents accompanying these unlawfully traded legacy high-value financial instruments.

Stacks of these types of documents, that look convincing, are packaged into joint venture agreement contracts that set forth specific terms and time periods for their placement as an illiquid paper asset - with a typical face value worth billions - to be held under management by independent offshore banks attempting to use over-inflated balance ledger sheets to buy debt obligations - that can later secure legitimate loans - from an international commercial big bank.

Financial instruments and support documents, such as these, have seen the following Japanese men named before:

- Ryutaro Hashimoto (aka) Ryutaro Hasimoto [ former Japan Prime Minister ];
- Sadakazut Tanigaki [ former Japan Finance Minister ];
- Takeharu Okitsu;
- Tetsuro Saito;
- Kazutoshi Okazaki; and,
- Others.

On April 24, 1998 the Japan government of Ryutaro Hashimoto announced a ´16.6 trillion ( $134,000,000,000 billion ) package supposed to boost nominal GDP [ Gross Domestic Product ] by 2% in 1999. Although billed as the largest stimulus package in history, critics complained that at only 3% of GDP it was insufficient. They also said that too much was directed at public works spending ( 25% ) while too little was devoted to tax cuts. Some contended that much of the announced $134,000,000,000 billion was actually composed of 'old programs bearing new labels' that did not actually consist of 'new spending' (aka) "mamizu."

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party began to seriously consider an additional stimulus plan after its July 1998 Upper House election defeat signaling public dissatisfaction with Japan Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto (aka) Ryutaro Hasimoto economic policies.

Japan tried various stimulus packages in an effort to revitalize an anemic economy.

Mainstream media press releases and government agency sources ( see below ) continue claiming all seized financial instruments were nothing more than worthless fakes or fraudulently manufactured paper documents that initially appeared to be something they were not ( valuable ). There appears to be no official news surrounding any United States of America experts that may have actually inspected the documents seized, and since there appears to have been Japan government Series 57 bonds also seized, one might imagine that Japan would want to send their own team of experts to investigate those financial instruments as well. Interestingly, arrested for another matter was the director of a United States radio program who believed the seized bonds were real and went as far as to indicate Japan was trying to sell them in Switzerland because the United States somehow lacked the ability to honour its debt and/or confidence from other countries wishing to get paid as previously scheduled years ago. The following news reports are a good cross-section of information surrounding the treasury reserve notes and bonds seized at the Chiasso border of Italy:  More>>  Unwanted Publicity Intelligence - $135 Billion U.S. Federal Reserve Note Series 1934 Bonds In Italy Seizure ( 2009 )