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Monday, November 19, 2012

City By City Assault On Our Rights

Don't Let Them Tax Guns Out of Existence
It has started in Cook County, Illinois where they passed a gun tax approved 16 to 1 by the Cook County Board of Commissioners. The "Violence Tax" nicknamed by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is a $25 tax for every firearm purchased in Cook County with the tax money to be given to gun control groups!. And anti-gun rights politicians from coast-to-coast are ready to copy it.

Another tax proposed by Preckwinkle that got turned down this time but could turn up again is a bullet tax. That's right, a proposed 5 cent tax on every bullet sold in the county. I can go to Wal-Mart and buy 500 rounds of .22 ammo for about $20. If they applied this bullet tax on that box of ammo it would cost $25. Five hundred rounds of .22 ammunition just went from $20 to $45. That would definitely turn away buyers which is what they want. We cannot let this war against guns spread to our cities. Do not let other counties and cities look at the Cook County blueprint and think it can be a new successful way to stop gun ownership.

The biggest problem with any type of gun control legislation no matter how big or small is that it gets their foot in the door. The gun grabbers will tell us they just want something small that everyone can agree on such as a gun tax. But that would never be good enough. Today it is a gun tax, tomorrow is a bullet tax, next month is a semi-automatic tax, and next year is a semi-automatic ban. The statistics do not lie; gun control only hurts law abiding citizens. Do not let these gun-grabbers think they can pass gun control laws in your counties or cities. If we do not stand up to them your county could follow the path of Cook County. Criminals can obtain weapons any time, any way they would like. If gun control laws are proposed and passed it will ONLY devastate the law abiding Second Amendment advocates in our Country.

Let's take a look at failed gun control examples around the world:

 Australia enacted gun control laws in 1997 that took away and destroyed over 600,000 firearms away from its law abiding citizens. In the next twelve months homicides were up 3%, assault up 8%, armed robbery up 44%, and burglaries when the thief knows you are home were up 300%.

The UK has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world. Handguns are nearly impossible to own and many other firearms have been banned completely. Since the laws have been imposed handgun related crime is UP 40%. The criminals are not affected but know everyday citizens do not have the weapons to protect themselves.
Canada passed a gun registration program in 1998. Since the installation of the program Canada's homicide rate rose while it saw the U.S's homicide rate drop.

The next four years are not going to be easy. OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS ARE IN JEOPARDY NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE IN AMERICAN HISTORY. President Obama has made it clear he is seeking more gun control. If he passed everything he wanted the only people left with firearms would be criminals. Gun control affects law abiding citizens not criminals. There will always be a way for them to get weapons. Heck, in Mexico


Alan M. Gottlieb
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