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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Deception of the States - Billions of Cash of Tax Money they are not Using!

Another bait and switch scam

See our full video on this topic:

The Biggest Game In Town - No Exaggeration! - Federal, State & Municipal Money Hoards Uncovered

This video is over 10 years old

Did you think it was strange that we started out with "heath care reform" and we ended up with MANDATORY private health insurance?

I did and then I remembered research done by this man, Walter Burien.

He uncovered a simple, but vast and well hidden system whereby city, state, county governments and agencies have collectively syphoned many TRILLIONS of tax dollars for off-the-books investment accounts.

One of their favorite investments? Insurance companies.

Do you think that might be why the weasels in Washington magically pulled MANDATORY private health insurance out of their hats as a way of addressing the country's very real health crisis?