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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Military Interventions are ordered by Corporates not Politicians or Governments

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 Military Interventions are ordered by Corporates not Politicians or Governments
Wednesday, Jan 08 2014
Shenali D Waduge 

It is time the world realized that the West’s politicians are mere political stooges placed as nominees for elections by a handful of global corporates and a transnational ruling class who use them to invisibly rule the world.

"Corporations have taken over the government and turned it against its own people."
Ralph Nader

‘Direct investment’ has been redefined and it is this direct directive by corporates that has forced Western political leaders to advocate military interventions of the immoral and unethical nature we see unfolding before us. All these compilations of war crimes, abuses etc are nothing but a sham to give a touch of ‘we did justice’ to the injustice taking place. The fact is military interventions are happening primarily for the economic interests of not the country invading by the corporate lobbyists who are waiting to land and plunder invaded nations. It is not foreign invasion it is corporate invasion that is taking place and national leaders/governments are getting eliminated for standing in the way of that quest.

Iraq was a neo-liberal invasion – so too have been all the countries that have fallen before and after Iraq. If it is not oil, it is some other ‘monetary’ interest that leads to the declaration of ‘war’ without any provocation. What happens thereafter is removal of restrictions to foreign ownership and trade, contracts given to foreign corporations to develop this that and the other. The smokescreens are ‘production sharing agreements’ where governments own the oil but the development of the oil field, the pumping, refining, shipping are all done by the foreign companies. It is simply draining out everything that should belong to the country and its people. American corporates NOT America or its people have secured the world’s second largest oil reserves which belonged to Iraq! This was why Bush immediately announced after the invasion of a Middle East Free Trade Area to spread the economic invasion to the rest of the region by 2013. That has happened through the Arab Springs! When Bush said he would ‘counter terror with trade’ it was a giveaway. The war plan was prepared by US consultancy firm Bearing Point Inc – which received $250millon contract to make Iraq’s economic infrastructure!
The plan was to fire entire Iraqi military (500,000), so that many of these jobless would take to guns and start an insurgency, which happened according to plan. 120,000 of Iraq’s senior bureaucrats were fired throughout government, schools and even hospitals, new laws reduced taxes on all corporations by 25% to open up for foreign investment and these firms were allowed to own 100% of Iraqi businesses as opposed to partnership framework, corporates could send their entire profits home without investing a cent in Iraq. More than 150 US companies won contracts in Iraq worth over $50billion. 

There was no law to state foreign companies had to hire Iraqis – so these firms imported foreign workers! What resulted were the Iraqis turning against the new invaders who came in as ‘liberators’. Whats more new laws entitled foreigners to buy land in Iraq that are now exclusive holiday homes for foreigners – is it difficult to picture what Iraq would look like in time to come?

The American troops are just kept in Iraq until the contracts are secured and this is the case in all other countries where military intervention have taken place.

The foreign contracts:
·         Halliburton - $12 billion
·         13 other US companies received contracts worth more than $1.3billion each
7 largest reconstruction contracts (water, bridges, roads, hospitals, sewers, electricity)
1.    Parsons Corporation of Pasadena, California ($5.3billion) - $243m contract given to build 150 health care centres was cancelled when only 6 centres had been built in 2 years and only 2 are useable!
2.    Fluor Corporation of Aliso Viejo, Calif. ($3.75 billion)
3.    Washington Group International of Boise, Idaho ($3.1 billion);
4.    Shaw Group of Baton Rouge, La. ($3 billion);
5.    Bechtel Corporation of San Francisco ($2.8 billion);
6.    Perini Corporation of Framingham, Mass. ($2.5 billion);
7.    Contrack International, Inc. of Arlington, Va. ($2.3 billion).

Halliburton’s subsidiary KBR is also been investigated for waste, fraud and abuse.

With all these foreign experts in Iraq, Iraqis enjoy only 11 hours of electricity a day in a country that had 24 hours electricity during Saddam’s rule. Potable water projects are useless when there is no electricity to pump water to homes, hospitals or Iraqi businesses! To add to Iraq’s woes the IMF has enforced a structural adjustment program that equates to nothing but the globalist agenda.

The real winners are actually the oil and gas industry – these are the people that donate billions for presidential campaigns to elect a President that would do what they want done. Is this not why for the 1st time under Bush, the President, Vice President and Secretary of State were all former energy company officials!

The references to local puppets comes in the form of local traitors who actually create and endorse laws that gave Iraq’s oil to foreign firms and allowed these firms to control virtual all of Iraq’s oil and they use a lot of Ox-bridge English  to fool the masses! The traitors in Iraqi Government end up changing Iraq’s constitution so that all of Iraq’s developed and undeveloped oil fields fall into the hands of foreigners!

What happens in turn with the wave of corporate mooted military interventions taking place is that a 1% global transnational ruling class has emerged and they are far more dangerous than the terrorists using guns! They are the one’s creating the guns to use.

To this list of 1% includes global central banks, major investment money management firms, insurance companies etc and governments are only in their service!

It is this 1% who plan, manipulate, create and enforce policies - politicians are told to only carry them out.

This is what the US/NATO military industrial-media empire is all about and they are simply serving the interests of a group of transnational corporate class to protect their international capital and amass more wealth.

The transnational capitalist class is divided into
1.    Owners and controllers of TNCs and their local affiliates
2.    Globalizing bureaucrats and politicians
3.    Globalizing professionals
4.    Consumerist elites (merchants/media)

Note: the four are unlikely to be doing everything in cohesion – conflicts have arisen at times but the structure never changes.

·         It is estimated that the total world’s wealth is close to $200trillion with US and Europe holding approximately 63%.
·         To belong to the wealthiest half of the world, a person needs to have only $4000 in assets (with debts subtracted).
To belong to the top 10% of global wealth holders, a person needs to have more than $72,000.

·         If a person has more than $588,000 he belongs to the top 10% of global wealth holders and people with more than $588,000 automatically belong to the top 1%.
·         It is believed that the top 1% of the wealthiest in the world had hidden $21trillion to $32 trillion in secret tax exempt bank accounts.
·         The wealthiest 1% of the world represents approximately 40million adults.
·         The assets of 10million of these exceed $1million. Approximately 100,000 have financial assets worth over $30million.
·         The tier below the 1% are working people in major corporations/government, self-owned businesses and make up 30-40% of employed in developed countries while there are only 20% of the 3rd world belonging to this group.
·         What is alarming is that 1% of global elite dominates and controls world’s public relations firms and corporate media and the global corporate media protects the interests of the 1% by serving as a propaganda machine for the super rich. There is no such thing as an unbiased media if it is a corporate media especially if it is own or linked to the First World.
·         There are over 1000 billionaires but they are not part of the superclass and they don’t influence global policies but these 1000 billionaires have twice as much wealth as the 2.5billion least wealthy.
According to the World Bank there are 1.2billion living in extreme poverty making $1.25 a day (2008)

According to www.starvation.net35,000 people die every day from starvation. When farmers grow enough food why are people dying from hunger? That is because the corporations are making a killing from hunger! They control global food prices and distribution and also manipulate the scarcity...READ MORE =>