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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

▶ New York Measles Outbreak, but.... 90% Vaccinated! - YouTube

Latest vaccination propaganda push
But 90% of NY measles cases are vaccinated kids

Published on Mar 31, 2014 
Kenny Valenzuela runs a website called that tracks the never-ending chicanery and fraud that goes on the the multi-billion dollar "inject untested crap into kids" industry.

Today's bulletin is about fraud in reporting a measles outbreak in New York.

If you read the fine print, 90% of the kids who've come down with measles were "vaccinated against it."

You don't think those kids caught the measles from the vaccine and the other 10% caught it from them, do you?

Nah, that stuff never happens.

As a codicil, we can add that the VA Hospitals constantly and annoyingly plague the VA patients unrelentingly to get their 'annual flu shots' under pressure from the FDA via the CDC. Nearly everyone - including hospital staff - decline. Like me, I'd never had the flu until I opted for the vaccine. Voila! I got the flu, and was told I must have gotten a different flu virus! Others were told the same. How could they know without a biopsy; and why not reveal results to the patients?

Secondly, under a feigned vail of "caring" why does Walgreen's offer a 'free' flu shot? As a marketing scheme to increase store traffic, or are they being encouraged by an outside agency, like the FDA?  

Finally, the growing realization is that BigPharma's Profit is in the Treatment, Not the Cure! Why haven't we a cure for the common cold, cancer, autism, and on and on.

It certainly opens up a new unexplored direction for Obamacare that any socialist mandatory healthcare could be a cloak to cripple everyone, but the providers.