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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bundy Ranch 2.0: The Texas Offensive

As the dust settles in the Nevada Desert at the Bundy Ranch, despite a new FBI investigation into the activities there, the BLM have set their sights on a new piece of land in Texas that could shape up to be Bundy Ranch 2.0

Next News Network
The Red River runs between Texas and Oklahoma, and the Bureau of Land Management may be looking to control thousands of acres of land in that area. 

According to Fox News, the bureau may be aiming to take possession of up to 90,000 acres in the northern parts of the Lone Star State. Governor Rick Perry has spoken out against the move, saying the federal government already controls too much land. The agency denies reports it is looking to increase its land holdings along the Red River. 

A demonstration is planned for the region, and organizers say more than 1,000 people will attend. In Utah, another band of armed protesters intends to prevent the BLM from taking control of the Recapture Canyon. Recently, protesters caused the bureau to retreat from near the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Matthew Short is a coordinator for Come and Take It America, and is planning the protest. He is active on the issue of Second Amendment rights.