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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rothschild vs. Rothschild

Rothschild vs. Rothschild – Bullion Bulls Canada – Sprott Money Canada
February 18, 2015

Unsustainable. Self-destructive. Readers have heard these terms again and again over the past 6+ years. They accurately encompass the status of our societies/economies (unsustainable), and the process by which we are governed (self-destruction). But what happens after the “unsustainable” cannot be sustained for one more day/hour/minute? What happens after the banksters whom are destroying our economies succeed?

Previous analysis in this area has arrived at the conclusion that once this Old World Order completes the destruction of its own power base (Western economies), that (logically) it will lose power – at least partially, if not completely. However, this analysis will instead adopt the position of “Devil’s Advocate”, in honour of the Devils, themselves. What if the Rothschilds’ destruction of their own power base does not result in them losing their control (i.e. choke-hold) over our societies?

The key in such a hypothetical analysis is to be cognizant that we are dealing with psychopaths. This is essential, because psychopaths exhibit rigid, predictable patterns to their behavior. Specifically, their behavior is compulsive, i.e. they have little control over it, themselves. It can be easily illustrated, empirically, both that the Rothschilds are a clan of psychopaths, and that their conduct is “compulsive”, even when extremely detrimental to their own (long term) interests.

As was noted again in a recent commentary; when these banksters began their serious era of precious metals price-suppression (after Nixon assassinated the gold standard); this financial crime syndicate sat atop the largest (ill-gotten) hoard of bullion ever amassed by our species. Had their vehicle for financial rape,the One Bank, contented itself with merely controlling bullion prices; its bullion-manipulation racket could have been sustained in perpetuity, with no (long term) encroachment on their own hoards.

Instead, these financial psychopaths were (self) compelled to destroy the precious metals sector,bankrupting most of the mining companies, and creating a massive/structural supply-deficit – simply because they could. It was not merely malice without purpose, it was malice which severely undermined their own, long-term interests (by exhausting their own bullion stockpiles), the hallmark of psychopathic behavior.

No rational (i.e. sane/healthy) mammal defecates in its own bed. Yet what do we see continually reflected in the behavior of the Rothschilds? To gain further understanding here; we need merely refer to a definition of the phrase “power base”:
The area or group of people that provides the main support.

Obviously “power base” is synonymous with “foundation”. 

The Rothschilds have destroyed their own economic foundation (the U.S. economy, and to a lesser extent, other Western economies) because they couldn’t resist the compulsion to steal their own foundation.

The house-of-cards financial system imposed upon us by the One Bank was obviously and inherently unsustainable – over the long term. Yet look at the greatest “success” of these psychopaths, to date: the Crash of ’08. They scammed the world (but primarily their own base) for $trillions in constructing their bubbles. They scammed the world for $trillions more (but primarily their own power base), when they ruthlessly  ruptured those bubbles.

Then, after that, they scammed Western governments (their own power base) for $10’s of trillions more, the secret value of the “bail-outs” which they blackmailed from our governments, after the One Bank proclaimed itself “too big to fail”. They took regimes which were financially/economically unsustainable over the long term, and made them financially/economically unsustainable over the near term.

Having plundered all our wealth; what we now have, effectively, is a massive, bloated, 300-lb parasite (the Rothschild clan) attempting to “feed” off of a 100-lb host – the emaciated West. It’s impossible, and we see this reflected in our economic reality, once we look past the saturation lies of the Corporate media.

Despite six years of permanent zero/near-zero interest rates (the most-extreme form of quasi-legitimate, monetary stimulus which is even theoretically possible); all of these Western economies (with the partial exception of Germany) remain totally lifeless. The only “growth” which has taken place in the West since the Crash of ’08 is the (exponential) growth in the size of the economic lies being told to us about our economies, by our own governments.

Anemic and emaciated from the relentless/rapacious blood-sucking of the 300-lb parasite; even the ultra-extreme stimulus of 0% interest rates cannot restore the tiniest semblance of health in “the hosts” (Western economies). They are dying, and in the case of the U.S. “host”, its economy is already dead.

Understanding how a non-psychopathic crime syndicate would have gone about blood-sucking our societies requires nothing more than recounting a fable: “the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs.” Before the word “psychopath” even existed as a concept in the lexicon of our culture; this fable defined the psychopath – and set apart their conduct from sane/healthy human beings.

The sane parasite/thief is not only content to steal the “eggs” of the Golden Goose; he is ecstatic in doing so. It is a permanent, bountiful harvest; one that he did nothing to earn; and a form of looting/blood-sucking which requires little effort to maintain.

Only the psychopath cannot content himself with merely stealing the eggs. Only the psychopath cannot resist the compulsion to kill the Goose. Only the psychopath regards that killing as a “success”, even after the (previous) flow of Golden Eggs evaporates. These are the psychopaths with whom we are dealing: the Killers of the Golden Goose.

The great irony here is that the Rothschild crime syndicate was instrumental in Western nations being previously engorged with wealth, through the various forms of “colonialism” it helped to perpetrate and impose upon much of the rest of the world, over the past 200+ years. In turn; through fattening up these Western nations, they produced a bountiful flow of “blood” (i.e. wealth) when the Rothschilds first began blood-sucking us.
Had they been able to content themselves with blood-sucking our societies/economies at a sustainable rate when the One Bank began doing so more than a hundred years ago; not only could they have continued to steal our Golden Eggs (perhaps) in perpetuity, but the entire Crime Syndicate system they have imposed upon us could have remained hidden/undetected – as it had been through most of the last century. Instead, as their rapacious blood-sucking now causes these economies to die-off, to the point where our social fabric is literally unravelling; we see this crime syndicate now resorting to overt fascism in order to (it hopes) maintain its control. 

The Velvet Glove has been replaced by the Iron Fist.

It is further self-destructive behavior, which further undermines their own power base. History has shown (again and again) that such hard-core authoritarianism generally does not prolong the life of governments (and empires), but rather hastens their own implosion. But let’s pretend otherwise.

Let’s pretend that despite this serial, short-sighted, self-destructive behavior, that after our economies crumble to dust (and the dust settles) that the Rothschilds retain their current choke-hold. Indeed, let’s project our hypothetical thinking even further, and simply assume that these parasites blood-suck all of the wealth, from all of the world. What then?

Will they stop stealing, merely because no one, no thing, no where has anything left to steal (other than themselves)? Of course not. These psychopathic parasites won’t stop their stealing/blood-sucking at that point – because they are powerless to stop. When (if) the Rothschilds finish stealing all the wealth, from all the world; they will inevitably turn on each other.

The psychopathic parasite is ultimately/inherently a cannibalistic organism, because after the psychopathic parasites have finished killing-off all available hosts (and become enormously engorged with blood in the process), they will inevitably begin to feed on each other. Indeed, almost certainly such thinking has already begun to affect (infect?) their minds.

The flow of “blood” from their Western hosts has already slowed to a trickle, something which is undoubtedly enormously frustrating, given the rapacious appetites of theses bloated parasites. Already, the question which must have begun gnawing at their demented minds, more and more, is how do they as individuals maintain (what they consider) a “healthy” flow of blood – one sufficient for them to maintain their own, obscenely bloated mass?

As they look about (ravenously) for “more blood”; it becomes harder and harder for them to ignore the new “Golden Geese”: each other. History also tells us that the process of succession within empires is usually not a “natural” one. The Next Generation of psychopaths (being psychopaths) are generally not content to “wait their turn”.

This leads us, inexorably to the Paradox of the Psychopath: ultimate success must lead to their own, ultimate destruction. Vanquishing all “enemies” still leaves one Enemy remaining: each other. Continued “success” for the Rothschild crime syndicate can only, possibly lead to one outcome: Rothschild vs. Rothschild. 

May the best parasite win!

Source SprottMoney