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United Nation Links to the UN/NWO Takeover

Links below courtesy of UN/NWO TAKEOVER: From

1972 Treaty Grants the U.N. Control Over American Historical Landmarks - July 2001
Above Top Secret - New World Order
Agenda 21 Table of Contents
American Citizenship vs. U.S. citizenship
American Expose with Chris Gerner - Radio show and Facts
American Policy Center
American Policy Center - Sustainable Development - agenda 21 - UN Theft
America's SHADOW Government
Amerikan Expose | Agenda 21
Amnesty Denounces Peacekeepers Over Kosovo Sex Slavery
Andre Gunder Frank on Globalization, US imperialism, New World Order
APC: Bush Administration Sells Out Property Rights
APC: Property Rights > Articles > Sustainable Development 101
APC: United Nations - A New Chance to Stop the UN's Threat to U.S. Sovereignty
Beware Metro, Regional Government - Phoebe Courtney - Online Book - Stop the Trans-Texas Corridor, It is All States Too
CRS Report for Congress - World Heritage Convention
Eco Home Page
Exposing the New World Order and Government Sponsored Terrorism
Flashpoint: December 96 - Our National Parks Now Belong to United Nations
fm_3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement PDF
fm3-19.40 PDF Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations 8-1-01
FM3-19.40 TABLE OF CONTENTS - Home Page - Alternative to the U.N.'s Agenda 21
Get US Out of the UN
Global Banking: The Bank for International Settlements
Global Banking: The International Monetary Fund
Global Banking: The World Bank
Google Search News: "new world order"
Google Search Web: "new world order"
Google Search: heritage biosphere project national parks
Google Search: heritage biosphere project US parks
Google Search: united nations 'gun confiscation'
Google Search: world affairs council
HardRoadtoWorldOrder.pdf by the CFR
Idaho Observer: Ex-Joint Chief Staffer Warns of Federal Tyranny
Immigration - What's The Real Agenda?
Joan Veon -- UN article archive
John Birch Society: New Orleans Chapter
Links to EDUCATE yourself
List of Biosphere Reserves 47 plus the world
List of UN incidents - UN overriding U.S.
Michael New -- Mercenary... or American Soldier
Multi-national Standby Force High Readiness Brigade For UN Operations
National Anxiety Center - Are You Ready to Pay Your UN Taxes?
National Park Service Office of International Affairs
National Parks that are International Biosphere Reserves
National Policy Analysis #419: Keep the Statue of Liberty Free: An Argument for Congressional Oversight of U.N. Land Designations in the U.S. - July 2002
National Policy Analysis: United Nations Control Over America
Operation Vampire Killer 2000 - by Officer Jack McLamb
PAPER MONEY AND TYRANNY by Rep. Ron Paul - Today's Property Rights News
Population Control Agenda
Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc. - Home Page
Property Rights Research - Helping Americans Protect Their Land
Regional Governance
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity - UNEP
Sound Money: The Gold Standard Manifesto
Sovereignty International
Sovereignty International - How we lost our land
Sovereignty International - Land Use Control Menu
Taking Liberty - How Private Property is Being Abolished in America - The Grand Design
Texas Eagle Forum - October 1997 - THE U.N. AMERICAN LAND GRAB
The August Review :: Documenting the rush to globalism
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The New World Order
The Global Elite: Who are they?
The Globalization of United States Domestic Land
The Intelligent Student's Guide to the New World Order
The John Birch Society
The New American - Issues In Focus - United Nations
The Politics of Water and Privatization
The United Nations
The War Room - New World Order
This is a UN-free Zone... United Nations Keep Out
Tom DeWeese - 'Sustainable Development' Or Liberty?, Part 2
Tom DeWeese - 'Sustainable Development' The Evil Facing America, Part 1
UN Agenda 21 Dissolves United States Sovereignty
UN Plan for Global Control- Agenda 21, Habitat II, Communist Manifesto <=
UN Taking over US Parks
UNESCO - List of Biosphere Reserves
UNESCO man and the biosphere programme, mab
United Nations - Agenda 21 - 6-14-92
United Nations - Agenda 21-chapter 26, the reason the borders are wide open
United Nations Research (
United Nations Vehicles on U.S. Soil!
UNObserver & International Report
US Military Transformation to Global NATO Response Force
US/ICOMOS - Your Connection to World Heritage Preservation
Welcome to -- exposing corruption
Who's Behind the Green Door?
World Heritage Protection UNESCO's War
WorldNetDaily: National parks off-limits
WorldNetDaily: U.N. land grab in the works