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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monica Lewinsky Book to Reveal Abortion During Clinton Affair

Did they kill a Wee Willie or a Wee Wilma?

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 9/21/12 11:11 AM

The new tell-all book that Monica Lewinsky is currently writing will reportedly share more details on the abortion she had of the baby she says she conceived during the time in which she had an affair with President Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky became infamous in 1998 when she told a grand jury investigating Clinton that she had nine sexual encounters with him in the Oval Office between November 1995 and March 1997. She previously disclosed the abortion in her 1999 biography “Monica’s Story,” co-authored with Andrew Morton, but she didn’t reveal many extensive details about it.

When Lewinsky first admitted the abortion in conjunction with the 1999 book, the BBC reported on it and provided more details:

Monica Lewinsky was left deeply traumatized by having an abortion during her affair with President Clinton, her biography has revealed. The former White House intern was so depressed that she underwent lengthy therapy to try to come to terms with the termination.

But she had become pregnant by another man with whom she had a relationship during the time that she and the president were lovers and she never told Mr Clinton about her abortion.

Miss Lewinsky’s secret is revealed in the book Monica’s Story, by Andrew Morton, which is being serialized in The Mirror newspaper.

Her other boyfriend – a Pentagon official called Thomas – had been seeing other women. When she found out, in the second half of 1996, she split with him – then discovered she was expecting, Mr Morton says.

Miss Lewinsky loved children but had wanted to wait until she was in a long-term relationship to have them. Not wanting to be a single mother, and still in love with the president, she opted for the abortion.