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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Whistleblower of CIA US Drug-dealing Dead by "Suicide" *videos*

CIA Blowing the whistle on CIA involvement in drug dealing

Talk from November 15, 1996

"I brought this information out eighteen years ago and I got shot at and driven out of the LAPD."

The man who made this statement 18 years ago is dead by "suicide."

Just like Gary Webb the San Jose Mercury journalist who broke the original "CIA dealing drugs in LA" story.

Just like Mark Lombardi the artist whose work carefully documented the Bush-Bin Laden family money laundering operation - before 9/11.

Just like J.H. Hatfield who documented George Bush Jr's drug abuse and arrest for cocaine possession.

Just like Danny Casolaro who documented a criminal network that also involved the Bush family.
OCTOPUS-REDUX: The Secret Government: Suicide by Assassination -- The death of Danny Casolaro - *video*

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