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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Government Corruption: Meet me at Mena - Why Bush Sr. and Clinton are such Great Friends *vid*

Meet me at Mena

In 1992, an obscure governor from an economically backward state became president of the United States.

How did Clinton ever become a candidate let alone make it into the White House?

To be sure, he was intelligent, charismatic, and had a well organized campaign.

He promised "change" from the disastrous fours year of the Bush Sr. administration.

In fact, he and George Bush Sr. were friends and colleagues long before they ran against each other, a fact obscured by the media.

As president, Clinton:

1. Discontinued investigations into Bush's role in "Iran Contra"

2. Continued Bush's savage attacks on Iraqi civilians via attacks on that country's infrastructure
3. Continued to allow hard drugs to flow into the country unimpeded while drastically ramping up persecution and prosecution of marijuana users
4. Witnessed a dramatic act of domestic terrorism (Oklahoma City) which he saw no need to investigate,
5. Greatly accelerated the erosion of civil liberties in the US
6. Continued the precedent of attacking countries that had not attacked or even threatened us (Yugoslavia)
7. Presided over a vicious military-style attack on US civilians (Waco)

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