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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Real Mitt Romney as He Still is

Published by Charleston Voice, 4.12.2012

Mitt Romney on the Issues

Mitt Romney and his offshore bank accounts

Romney’s Advisors Are Leftist Elites

Written by Bob Adelmann
Monday, 10 October 2011 15:02

Late last week GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney released the names of his foreign policy and national security advisors just in time for his Friday address on America’s foreign policy. He effused over his selection:

I am deeply honored to have the counsel of this extraordinary group of diplomats, experts and statesmen. Their remarkable experience, wisdom and depth of knowledge will be critical to ensuring that the 21st Century is another American Century.

His campaign continues to be plagued with an increasing chorus of doubters about his conservative posture. His claim to have balanced the budget of Massachusetts without raising taxes was found to be false. In a widely-seen interview with Tim Russert on NBC’s Meet the Press in 2008, Russert nailed Romney:

Russert: The head of the Bay State Council of the Blind said that your name was “Fee-Fee”; that you raised fee after fee after fee. That’s a tax … a fee’s not a tax?

Romney: A fee — well, a fee — if it were a tax, it’d be called — it’d be called a tax. But…

Russert: Governor, that’s…that’s a gimmick

Romney: No, it’s, it’s reality. It is. But — and I have no ... I’m not trying to hide from the fact we raised fees. We raised fees $240 million.

It turned out that the amount raised by “fees” was closer to $750 million, but Romney claimed that didn't count, because they weren’t taxes.

Romney also has lost credibility over the issue of federal government involvement in education. An excerpt from the Orlando, Florida, debate on September 22 is as follows:

Romney: "Let me tell you what I think I would do. One, education has to be held at the local and state level, not at the federal level. We need to get the federal government out of education…"

Bret Baier (moderator): I want to give you more time…

Romney: I think the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is doing a good thing by saying, you know what, we should insist that teachers get evaluated and that schools have the opportunity to see which teachers are exceeding [sic] and which ones are failing and that teachers that are not successful are removed from the classroom … [Emphasis added.]

One moment he’s against federal involvement in education, the next he’s supporting federal involvement in education. Matt Ortega, a former staff member of the Democrat National Committee, has put up a website which quotes Romney on both sides of more than a dozen issues.

The heaviest burden Romney must bear is his support of RomneyCare and his failed and failing attempts to differentiate it from ObamaCare. As noted by Thomas Eddlem in The New AmericanRomneyCare “is nearly identical to national legislation enacted in 2010, mandating all of the major provisions that are present in ObamaCare” including individual fines for not purchasing health coverage starting at $1,212 a year and increasing to $3,500 a year as the law is phased in.

Critics note that the latest announcement by Romney of his advisors should finally put to rest any idea that he represents conservative or Tea Party values. He named the following people to his board of advisors:

General Michael Hayden — former director of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency. He was director of NSA during its warrantless surveillance efforts to spy on American citizens. [CFR]*
Michael Chertoff — former head of the Homeland Security Department who now runs a security consulting agency that employs Michael Hayden.
Cofer Black — former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center during George W. Bush’s first term. He now chairs an intelligence gathering agency Total Intelligence Solutions, a subsidiary of Blackwater Worldwide.
Paula Dobriansky — former Under Secretary in the State Department, and graduate of Harvard University where she serves as a Senior Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government. [CFR]*
Robert Joseph — former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security and now a senior scholar at the National Institute for Public Policy.
Christopher Burnham — former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations under Kofi Annan and then Under Secretary of State under Condoleezza Rice. He holds degrees from Harvard University and Georgetown University. [CFR]*
Eliot Cohen — holds two degrees from Harvard and served as Counselor to the State Department under Condoleezza Rice. [CFR]*

Kim Holmes — holds two degrees from Georgetown University and served as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, responsible for directing the activities of 400 diplomats working closely with the United Nations. [CFR]*
Mitchell Reiss served as Director of Policy Planning at the State Department under Colin Powell. He received degrees from Williams College, Tufts University, Columbia University, and Oxford University. He worked at the National Security Council under the direction of Brent Scowcroft and Colin Powell. He served on the National Security Council, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Ford Foundation. [CFR]*
Eric Edelman — has degrees from Cornell University and Yale University. Former Under Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush.
Dov Zakheim — foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush under Condoleezza Rice and consultant to the Secretary of Defense. Received degrees from Columbia University and Oxford University. [CFR]*
Richard Williamson — received degrees from Princeton University and the University of Virginia, and served as ambassador to the United Nations under George W. Bush. [CFR]*
Kerry Healey — a graduate of Harvard, and Romney’s Lieutenant Governor for four years. She is married to Sean Healey, a multimillionaire. [CFR]*
John Lehman — served as Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan and was a member of the 9/11 Commission. Known for his quote: “Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat.” [CFR]*
Dan Senor — holds a master’s degree from Harvard, and is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He accompanied George W. Bush to Jerusalem to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel.
Robert Kagan — holds a PhD from Yale University where he was inducted into the secretive Skull and Bones group. He worked at the State Department as a speechwriter for George Shultz and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (see footnote below). He was named by the CFR’s Foreign Policy journal as one of the world’s “Top 100 Public Intellectuals.” [CFR]*
Walid Phares — born in Beirut, he has testified before committees of the State, Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security Departments, the European Parliament, and the United Nations Security Council.
Norm Coleman — Minnesota Senator from 2003 to 2009, he lost his seat to Al Franken in a contested election. He was a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), but switched to the Republican Party in 1996. He is a strong supporter of the war in Iraq and the War on Terror. 
Jim Talent — may be the only Romney advisor with any kind of conservative credentials, serving as a distinguished fellow at the Heritage Foundation
Nile Gardiner — a British conservative commentator who works at the Heritage Foundation. He was a former aide to British PM Margaret Thatcher. He is a graduate of  Yale University, and was an adviser to Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 presidential campaign.
Analysts note that it should be more than abundantly clear that Romney has little or no interest in deviating in the slightest from the foreign policy trajectory the country is currently on. If he does waver, he’ll have plenty of pressure from the elitists surrounding him to stay the path to building the U.S. empire abroad with America's blood and treasure. In his article entitled, “Obama Will Win If Republicans Pick Establishment Candidate,” author Gerald Celente said the Republican establishment is following “a suicidal strategy that’s stranger than fiction. It’s as though the Republican campaign has been devised by insidious Democratic infiltrators.” [It has been. They're referred to as Neocons, see: Graphic Chart History of 20th Century Communism in America .... Edit. CV]

*Member of the internationalist Council on Foreign Relations

Source: TNA

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Irrelevance of the Republican Party

1st. pub. by CV on14 November 2011
The Irrelevance of the Republican Party

The first myth to dispense with is that the GOP is a conservative political party. The millions of registered Republican voters, that truly want a genuine conservative to lead this nation, are disappointed with every election cycle. The idiots that emerge as the standard-bearer of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, are would be despots, wrapped in the flag of a failed empire.

The comic performances in the arena of staged debates, just proves that the party of NeoCons, deserves trouncing into the ground of their blood stained soil. Only Ron Paul has the dignity and courage to claim the consent of the public and lead a revolution that dismantles centralized government. So why won’t rank and file Republicans demand that the Grand Old Party go to battle against the forces of the New World Order?

Who in the mug shots below will make a clear break from the tragic treasonous policies of the last three Republican administrations? Examine each, one at a time.
Michele Bachmann is a Christian Zionist. Her viewpoint that America must be the chief defender of Israel places her in the camp of the NeoCons. The question for her centers on her definition of what exactly is pro-American. Her version of an Israel-First course of action, is inconsistent with the traditional canons of national defense, established in Washington’s Farewell Address. "I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out: Are they pro-America or anti-America?" - Rep. Michelle Bachmann, calling for a new McCarthyism, Oct. 2008.
Herman Cain plays the victim, while he champions the Federal Reserve as the crown jewel for the gatekeepers of the corporatist criminal syndicate. Yet, he claims his character is above charges of indiscretion, don’t blame me. "Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself! " When the erudite

Newt Gingrich proclaims himself a "cheap hawk", he is really saying his neo-conservatism loyalty is to a government imperium that is efficient in its pillage and conquests. Newt supports the CIA sub-rosa government. "Frankly I believe that there's too little funding for intelligence, we have too few assets and too few analysts. And I think if the Congress and others are going to demand a greater capacity in intelligence we're going to have to be prepared to pay for a more sophisticated and a more intense structure of intelligence capabilities, and I think its wrong for some members of Congress to vote to cut intelligence spending, to vote to cut the number of intelligence analysts and then to set unrealistically high demands on the intelligence community."
  Jon Huntsman, Jr. accepts that government economic development is a necessary function. How conservative is it to institutionalize FDR socialism as a cornerstone of the corporate/state? "I was criticized at some level within the Republican Party by those who say government should not be in the economic development business at all. My response is that the only country I know that doesn't have an economic development plan is Papa New Guinea."

Ron Paul stands out from the crowd of candidates for several reasons. This quote reflects the insight lacking in the other GOP hopefuls. "As recent as the year 2000 we won elections by saying we shouldn't be the policemen of the world, and that we should not be nation building. And its time we got those values back into this country." It is because of this distinction that the elitist masters of the Republican Party are so scared to allow the Congressman from gaining the nomination.

Rick Perry, Oops . . what can you say about the governor? This video of Highlights of Rick Perry's Bizarre (Drunk) Cornerstone Speech, explains a lot. Perry and Cain have much in common neither are ready for prime time.
How is Mitt Romney any different from the NeoCons? "We will strengthen our security by building missile defense, restoring our military might, and standing by and strengthening our intelligence officers." Here is where Mitt and Newt become joined at the hip. Both are able to deliver an articulate message that seems to resonate to many, but when you dissect their actual methods for implementing policy, the similarities with the Bush era gang of internationalists, is exposed.

Rick Santorum bills himself as the most socially conservative among the latest gang of dwarfs. But, he buys hook line and sinker the phony war on terror. "This is a huge victory for the people of the 911th and the team we put together. Not only did they get the expanded mission, they get to keep what they've had, too. It's more than a complete victory."
  With the exception of Ron Paul, the stature of the Republican candidates for President cannot hold a candle to the like of Congressman Hamilton Fish III, Senator Robert Taft, Senator Barry Goldwater, and Pat Buchanan.

The excoriation of the John Birch Society by the Republican Party proves either the sinister betrayal or the ineptness of the GOP faithful to protect real conservative values. View the video of Robert Welch in 1974 Revealing Agendas Of New World Order and reflect the truth in his words and the profound legacy of bona fide conservatives.
Read each article from the following list of remarks for a comprehensive overview, why the Republican Party is irrelevant.
1) The Identity Crisis For Conservatives
"We have heard the resounding voices of our patron saints from the Right lately that depart from the usual message of common sense and advocacy of Liberty. They have become the 'new jingoist', defender of the State and 'revenging angel'. You know of who they are: David Horowitz, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. They all claim to be Conservative. But what does that really mean, especially in today’s crisis environment?"
2) What is Happening to Conservatives?
"Will our mainstream raconteurs experience an epiphany of a 'Conscience of a Conservative', to use Barry's words; or will they run to the beat of the Jonah Goldberg's?
Barry's notion of Liberty is our prize! Transform the 'War Party' into an assemblage of Justice seekers, that promote Liberty."
3) What is Conservative Populism?
"A person can’t be a real conservative if he rejects the primary populist message. The political solution is to become a populist and convince the uninformed that real conservatism is the best hope for promoting the maximum opportunity for the greatest number of people."
4) What Makes a Republican - a REPUBLICAN?
"For Republicans knew what they were all about and had an example of a true champion of principle in one, Senator Robert A. Taft."
5) The Republican Death Wish
"The vast apathetic hordes of the American public desperately want to follow a serious change in the status quo. The reason that so many have dropped out of the process is because the nature of the Republicans resemble the mirror image of a Democrat, only in a better suit."
6) Betrayal of Republicanism
"The Republican Party has long pursued a path contrary from its heritage. Under President George W Bush, that direction has cumulated in a repudiation of traditional conservative principles. Any honest conservative maintains a core roster of values and policies that reflect their passionate support for the Republic."
7) The Future of the Conservative Movement, evaluates Russell Kirk’s conservatism.
 A short reflection of Ten Conservative Principles by Russell Kirk is in order. Read the explanation of each.
8) That Republican 2010 Landslide and What It Means
"The Republican Party’s attempt to co-opt the spontaneous spirit of the Tea Party geneses illustrates the panic that both entrenched parties have from a true populist movement. The mind dead voters who continually vote for the lesser of two evils, or adhere to the squishy William Buckley rule guarantee perpetual servitude."
9) The Reemergence of the NeoCons
"Paleoconservatives have their own message for the Congressional freshman class. Dump your leadership. Purge NeoCons from your party."
10) Liberty for the Ron Paul Generation
"The stark reality about the Ron Paul revolution is that the power elites could not survive in a society based upon individual liberty.
Now the Ron Paul generation understands that liberty and genuine national security is never advanced under the military-industrial-homeland war party."
These ten essays map out a clear distinction that the conservative tradition in American politics is virtually absent in the current Republican Party. If you believe you can work to take over the national GOP and restore time-honored principles, you are naive.

The only rational option is to create a true grass roots party that encompasses the disaffected middle class. NeoCons are traitors. Establishment proponents loyal to the two party farce, do not allow genuine conservative doctrines into public policy.

Explain how a sincere Republican can ignore Ron Paul and support any of the phony status quo clones for the nomination? The straightforward explanation is that the average GOP voter is just as dumb as a Democrat supporter. End the tyranny of the NeoCons and regain your own dignity.

SARTRE – November 13, 2011 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Neocons Still Run the GOP - What’s a Neoconservative?

PPosted by Charleston Voice, Sat. 21 Jan. 2012

Before or after watching this 6 min. video clip, see our schematic of the Socialist History in America. Note the neo-conservative cadre (see R/H margin) with us today was spawned by the Far Left. Learn to recognize them in the Republican Party. Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum are ALL neocons, internationalists, and subversive of our American heritage. Their masters are the CFR and corporate cabalists.

It is my educated estimate that the neocon influence in the GOP became apparent in the Eisenhower Administration. Eisenhower was a favorite of Eleanor Roosevelt. (more below) This association lends weight to Gingrich's admiration of FDR.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Eisenhower in Hyde Park, New York (August 10, 1945)

To see how far along a dastardly path we have crawled, it is important to remember that Eisenhower called himself "a militant liberal." Together with Eleanor Roosevelt and her friend Esther Lape, Eisenhower fought for a single-payer health system to cover all Americans. Eisenhower increased the minimum wage, extended the excess-profits tax, expanded the public-housing program and warned the nation of the dangers of the military-industrial complex, which he originally called the Congressional-industrial-military complex.Eisenhower graduated from West Point #61 of a class of 164 (Robert E. Lee graduated 2nd in his class at WP). In his presidential campaign Eisenhower used Sen. Joseph McCarthy because of his enormous popularity with the American people!

Read this fascinating story: Did Eisenhower Loot the Nazi Gold & Treasures for his Bankster Handlers?

Suggested reading: The Politician by Robert Welch

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rick Perry’s Trail of Corruption

1st posted by CV 09.17.2011
September 16, 2011

By Ralph Forbes -

Picture the Marlboro Man riding out of the west, healthy, rugged and free . . . until you recall two of the iconic Marlboro men, Wayne McLaren and David McLean, died of lung cancer. Ironically, McLaren testified in favor of anti-smoking legislation, but the phony Madison Avenue icon lives on. But the deadliest Marlboro Man phony ad is the one that portrays politician Rick Perry as a cowboy. The ads are clearly rustling the Reagan brand and marketing it as his own.

Neighbors in his hometown of Paint Creek and Haskell County clearly think Perry is riding to power on a rustled horse with a false brand. Big city Texans agree. Perry has enjoyed lavish perks and travel, paid for by crony capitalists who have funded Perry’s jetting around the world, stays in luxury hotels and resorts, vacations in exclusive Colorado ski towns, expensive sporting events and concerts, at least nine hunting trips, entertainment—even paying the cable bill at the 4,600-square-foot mansion with a heated pool that the taxpayers are paying for—$8,500 a month. As The Houston Chronicle said, Perry’s “a long way from the cotton farm.”

Perry’s acceptance of such perks feeds a corrupt pay-to-play political culture in Texas. His campaign paid $426,000 last year to settle an opponent’s lawsuit alleging it accepted illegal contributions from a top donor.

According to an article by Kenneth P.Vogel in the Washington daily Politico, insurance company owner Phil Adams has contributed nearly $290,000 to Perry’s gubernatorial campaigns. Terrabon Inc., a company in which Adams invested, got $2.75 million from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, a state economic development program overseen by Perry.

Perry’s trips to Israel are examples of his “extravagant lifestyle funded by secretive corporate contributions” which resulted in favors in return. The trip had been organized and partly funded by Irwin Katsof, an international energy financier and Israel backer, who also helped fund a 2007 Perry trip to Israel.

Doug Pitcock, a major Perry campaign contributor, who runs a road building firm that does millions of dollars in business with the state, revealed that he had loaned his plane to the governor to fly to Israel and wanted to donate the cost of the flight—$180,000—to Texas One (a privately funded “public/private partnership designed for economic development in Texas”) as an in-kind tax-deductible contribution.

Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said the 2007 trip spurred the formation of the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce and “served as a catalyst to the governor’s support of Texas’s divestment from companies that do business with Iran.” 

When Perry announced his run for the presidency in South Carolina, he began his speech: “I’m the product of a place called Paint Creek—doesn’t have a zip code.” (Its zip code is 79521.) He invoked images of his rural school, growing cotton and wheat, his mother sewing his clothes when he went off to college, his Boy Scout troop (No. 48) . . . “It’s a great place to grow up. . . .Wonderful people out there.” 

Meanwhile, back on the farm, “I never saw him on a tractor in his life,” said one of Perry’s old neighbors, who requested anonymity. “And I never did see him on a horse.” 

It’s no crime not to be a farmer—but it does show lack of character to pretend you are one. Wallar Overton, 72, Perry’s old Boy Scout troop leader, the one who awarded him his Eagle Scout badge, said he likely won’t be voting for him. 

When Perry’s birthplace was devastated by a flood in 2004, Perry turned his back on Haskell, according to Haskell’s county judge, David C. Davis. 

Don Ballard, the superintendent of the county’s school system, concurred with Davis. “It was pretty bad,” he said. “We lost a bunch of homes around the lake. . . .We had a lot of homes damaged,” but Perry didn’t send “any kind of aid.” 

via American Free Press

81% Of Texas Job Growth Under Perry Went To Immigrants

Can the GOP be serious about dragging out Perry, or even a newly coiffed Romney  from their flop houses as legitimate presidential candidates to put before American voters again? Perry could be the 'chosen one' to usher in the NAU and TPP... Hmmm.  

They're both ready for the Out House or Gallows Shed, not the White House. Has either of them even held a competitive job in the private sector of competition, or been in the government feed trough all their adult lives?

By Digger / September 26, 2011 04:33 AM

Governor Rick Perry is quick to tout the job growth in Texas as one of his defining characteristics, accomplishments and results that Americans should depend on when considering him for the Republican nomination for president. Placing this issue front and center has pushed him forward and convinced many that he may be the candidate to support to resurrect a climate of positive job creation in this country. As there is a continued downturn in the US job market it seems like a plausible consideration until you actually take a look at the job climate Perry created in Texas. As with everything in politics bending things in your favor when the truth is not quite as appealing is an art form. And Perry, his team and supporters are either masters or blinded by numbers they have not looked into.

The Center for Immigration Studies has taken up the challenge of actually looking into the jobs created in Texas and just who those jobs went to in a new report.

The report confirms that jobs were created in Texas, 279,000 to be exact, over the last 4 years from 2007 to 2011. Who has received these jobs and how this impacts the United States as a whole - should Perry become president - is another matter. The report, which used census data, finds that of the 279,000 jobs created 225,000 of those jobs went to immigrants, both legal and illegal, who arrived in the US in the same four year period.

The majority of growth of working age people in Texas - 69% - was of native born Texans. Yet of this group they only received 19% of the newly created jobs in the state. The rest went to immigrants who came into the state since 2007.
Half of the 81% of jobs immigrants received were taken by illegal aliens.

The most damning statistic the report finds is that half of the 81% of jobs immigrants received were taken by illegal aliens. 

Thus 40% of all job growth in Texas in the past four years went to illegal aliens, 40% went to non-citizen legal immigrants and 19% went to native Texans who are US citizens. The report finds also that the jobs taken are far from the "jobs Americans won't do". The job types taken were not only of a low-skilled blue collar type; a third of the immigrants who took a job had some college. It was across the educational spectrum of jobs that immigrants received over native Texans. I contend that it is not because the immigrants were more qualified, but that the jobs climate that Rick Perry created in the state of Texas was in favor of immigrants over the native born.

When just the number of employed native born Texans are analyzed for the past four years, the numbers speak volumes as to the truth of the jobs situation in Texas. In 2007 the percent of native born Texans with a job was 71%, in 2011 it is 67%, a 4% drop in native employment. As the report points out this is consistent with the rate of employment of all the other states.
... it is difficult to find evidence to support the argument that things are very different in Texas than in the rest of the country for the native-born population. In the second quarter of 2011, the unemployment rate in Texas was 8.1 percent for natives, ranking the state 22nd out of 50 states in terms of the lowest rate. If we compare the growth in unemployment from 2007 to 2011, the rate roughly doubled in Texas, which is very similar to what happened in the country as a whole. The share of working-age natives holding a job in Texas was 66.6 percent in 2011, ranking Texas 29th in the nation. Both the unemployment rate and the employment rate represent a significant deterioration for natives since 2007. A deterioration that roughly parallels what took place in the rest of the nation.
Is this really a jobs program we want for the United States?

When governor Perry points out that he's created jobs, he has created jobs for non-citizens in his state. He has created jobs for those who cannot vote for him, while those who supported him are left out of a job. It is simply ludicrous to have the largest growth in your state be native Texans, yet to have 81% of new jobs not go to those native Texans and then to turn around and call that a win for your state on job creation.

The reality is that Texas governor Rick Perry has encouraged illegal immigration. He has also encouraged legal immigrants in his state to create and give jobs to other immigrants, both illegal and legal over US citizens. There can simply be no other way to look at it. There is no reason for growth to be in one segment of the population, denying it to all the others unless the job climate created favored that situation. It defies logic and reason to see this happen and not believe that there is either an incentive balance created by the state legislature of Texas and Rick Perry, or there is some outright racism going on favoring immigrants over citizens in how people are being hired. The only other false argument that could be made is to believe that native Texans are simply a lazy bunch of people - and that I do not believe.

The facts point out that Rick Perry is the governor of the non-citizen.

This all boils down to the truth of the matter and that truth is that the facts point out that Rick Perry is the governor of the non-citizen. He looks out for non-citizens first and touts his job creation among them as his highest accomplishment. That is not what we need for the United States. We need a leader who is willing to support the creation of jobs among all segments of society and not put in place incentives that favor illegal aliens and the guests we have allowed to come to our country over the citizens of our nation. When you hear Perry say anything about job creation in Texas, remember that the US Citizens in Texas were not among those who received those jobs by and large, they were illegal aliens and guests we have invited in to compete directly against American workers who have taken 81% of the jobs in Texas. Source Diggersrealm

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Will the Republican Fascisti Donors be able to Steal the Next Elections, Too? - We Say YES

We say 'yes' because of the Conspiracy's past record of swapping the White House between the two Parties routinely; to share the plunder equally, communism or corporatism, they'll get it by hook or by crook. It's become customary for the winning tenant to now serve a double term in the White House. Large donations require longer terms to return larger dividends to the 'donors', don't ya know.

The 17th Amendment has seen to it your state legislatures have lost control of their US senators as well. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is the poster child for this treachery.

We share below the extensive list of many individual states with evidence presenting this betrayal of the Republican Party rank'n file conservatives by the Party leadership and their monied sponsors. But then, the Marxist guideline of "the end justifies the means" which in this instance is not a moral outcome, but acquiring booty from criminal means. That applies to either Party, no?

Whatever the outcome, unless you're duplicitous ("following orders"), loyal to Party before Country, you'll be putting your family and neighbors on the losing side of liberty. Of course you realize that your govt pension cannot be paid without taxes from the masses.

If politics has been your only career, you better stay there, you wouldn’t make it in the competitive marketplace where failures are not overlooked. 

In Interview: Mitt Romney Admits "They Had To Steal Republican Nomination" From Ron Paul

A new documentary about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney premiered Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. During one of the final scenes in the movie, a confession is admitted.

Given what has come before it in the film — Romney's defeatism in the
debates — the scene leaves the impression that perhaps in his heart of
hearts Romney never really believed he could win.

That also seems the message of one of the last scenes of "Mitt," the day after the election,
when Romney addressed staff at his Boston campaign headquarters. The
old lack of confidence came out again as Romney suggested he never felt
comfortable in the race. He passed on something someone at headquarters
had told him: "In some ways, we kind of had to steal the Republican
Our party is Southern, evangelical and populist. And you're
Northern, and you're Mormon, and you're rich. And these do not match
well with our party."
For those that live in a cave (or are Fox News Viewers), there was rampant Election Fraud that took place during the 2012 Republican Primaries. Below is a complete timeline of that fraud:

-Significant Evidence of Algorithm Vote Flipping in GOP Primary Elections.
-2012 Election RIGGED - This is going Viral;=related.
-Ron Paul - Fraud Victim in 2012.
-Nevada Election Fraud Proof In 5 minutes, Nevada GOP Caucus Fraud Voter Rights Violated.;=related
-What Happened to Ron Paul's Vote in Nevada?;=related -Ron Paul: Vote Rigged Against Him In Nevada?;=related
-Voting fraud against Ron Paul Victory in North Dakota - Super Tuesday Night 03/06/12.
-GOP voter fraud against Ron Paul 2012 - Clear Evidence.;=relmfu
-Alaska Election Fraud Confirmed Ron Paul Camp Cries Foul 2012 Election Caucus.;=fvwrel
-Ron Paul 100% proof of Maine Election fraud! Ben Swann Reality Check WXIX FOX 2/15/12;=related.
-Maddow: Proof Ron Paul Was Robbed In Maine.;=related
-Ron Paul Openly Calls GOP Election Fraud.;=related
-Ron Paul Talks About Election Fraud on Columbia, MO Radio 03/16/12.
-Ron Paul: Their Shenanigans Won't Stop Us.
-Rachel Maddow "I'm delegate shenanigans worried".
-"Rig a state convention if you have to, I mean that's what insiders do" - Chris Todd, MSNBC.
-Admit It: The Elections Are Rigged.;=related
-Iowa Caucuses RIGGED! Cover up Ron Paul Win!;=related
-Ron Paul Won New Hampshire Rigged 88% Poll on CNN.;=related
-Ron Paul wins 90% of the vote in a poll in Birmingham, Alabama.
-This is what happened when I tried to cast my vote today... - Ron Paul 2012.
-Voter Fraud in Alabama? Memory Cards Switched!
-Delegate Vote Anomaly In Alabama VERIFIED!
-Ron Paul Ballots in Idaho Thousands Missing.
-Ron Paul Supporters Observe the Vote at Kansas Caucuses - March 10 2012.;=related
-Vote Fraud at the Iowa Caucus - Eye Witness Call to Alex Jones.;=related
-Iowa vote was a fraud Ron Paul Won that one.;=relatedd
-Iowa Vote Count Observer Claims Fraud Helped Romney Win.;=related
-CONFIRMED: Voter Fraud Found in 8 Precincts' in Iowa Caucuses! 1/19/12;=related
-What do you mean the numbers don't match?;=related
-Iowa Caucus STOLEN from Ron Paul?;=related
-New Voter Fraud Dead People Voting South Carolina - Zombies Voting?
-Dead People Receive Ballots in NH Primary.
-Ron Paul Wolfeboro NH reported voting fraud 1/10/12.;=related
-MORE Ron Paul Election Fraud 3-24-12 GOP Vote Rigging Hidden Cam.;=player_em...
-Ron Paul Election Fraud ADMITTED Hidden Cam Bryan Spencer St Charles GOP.;=related
-GOP Election Fraud Against Ron Paul at Missouri Clay County 3.17.12 • Must See •.;=player_em...
-Voter Fraud Declared at Christian County, Missouri GOP Caucus.;=player_em...
--Breaking News: Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud.;=player_em...
-Ben Swann - Ron Paul Supports got evidence of Election fraud - Missouri and Georgia.
-Ben Swann Explains Missouri Delegate Election Fraud Reality Check Ron Paul.
-Missouri Caucus Rigged Fraud, NO Camera's Allowed Ron Paul Mitt Romney Voters Election St Charles.;=relmfu
-Reality Check North Dakota Caucus railroaded to give majority of delegates to Romney?
-Fraud Charges Filed Over Puerto Rico Primary in San Juan Supreme Court.
-Goldman Employees Donated $1 Million to Obama Campaign.
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-annebeck58 says:
June 5, 2012 at 6:22 pm

As one who worked as a judge in the primary of Texas, in Austin, yet in
a highly Old-Guard-GOP Neocon area, I can attest to the FACT that at
least 66 percent of those who voted Republican voted for PAUL.
I will, to my last day, know and state that the GOP actively flipped the votes for Romney and against Paul.
-Police assault and arrest Ron Paul supporters in Louisiana (VIDEO)