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Friday, August 23, 2013

Attorney General's List of Subversive Organizations

The Attorney General's list of subversive organizations was published on the Federal Register 13 on 20 March 1948. The list consists of organizations classified as Soviet communist controlled. With the politicization of our federal law enforcement agencies, the List was abolished by Nixon in 1974. Does, however, give you a tip on how much the subversives revered Abraham Lincoln, eh?

Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Abraham Lincoln School, Chicago, Illinois

Action Committee to Free Spain Now

Alabama People's Educational Association

American Association for Reconstruction in Yugoslavia Inc.

American Branch of the Federation of Greek Maritime Unions

American Committee for a Democratic Greece

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born

American Committee for Spanish Freedom

American Committee for the Settlement of Jews in Birbidjan, Inc.

American Committee for Yugoslav Relief Inc.

American Committee to Survey Labor Conditions in Europe

American Council on Soviet Relations

American Jewish Labor Council

American League Against War and Fascism

American League for Peace and Democracy

American Peace Crusade

American Peace Mobilization

American Poles for Peace

American Polish Labor Council

American Polish League

American Rescue Ship Mission

American Russian Institute (aka American Russian Institute for Relations with the Soviet Union)

American Russian Institute of San Francisco

American Russian Institute of Southern California, Los Angeles

American Russian Institute, Philadelphia

American Slav Congress

American Women for Peace

American Youth Congress

American Youth for Democracy

Armenian Progressive League of America

Benjamin Davis Freedom Committee

Boston School for Marxist Studies, Boston, Massachusetts

Bridges-Robertson-Schmidt Defense Committee

Bulgarian American People's League of the United States of America

California Emergency Defense Committee

California Labor School Inc. 321 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

Carpatho-Russian People's Society

Cervantes Fraternal Society

China Welfare Appeal Inc.

Chopin Cultural Center

Citizens Committee for Harry Bridges

Citizens Committee of the Upper West Side (New York City)

Citizens Committee to free Earl Browder

Citizens Emergency Defense Committee

Citizens Protective League

Civil Liberties Sponsoring Committee of Pittsburgh

Civil Rights Congress and its affiliated organizations including: Civil Rights Congress for Texas
    Veterans Against :Discriminations of Civil Rights Congress of New York
Comite Coordinador Pro Republica Espanola

Comite Pro Derechos Civiles

Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy

Committee for Constitutional and Political Freedom

Committee for Peace and Brotherhood Festival in Philadelphia

Committee for the Defense of the Pittsburgh Six

Committee for the Negro in the Arts

Committee for the Protection of the Bill of Rights

Committee for World Youth Friendship and Cultural Exchange

Committee to Abolish Discrimination in Maryland

Committee to Defend the Rights and Freedom of Pittsburgh's Political Prisoners

Committee to Uphold the Bill of Rights Commonwealth College, Mena, Arkansas

Communist Party, USA, its subdivisions, subsidiaries and affiliates

Communist Political Association, its subdivisions, subsidiaries and affiliates including:

Congress against Discrimination

Congress of American Revolutionary Writers

Congress of American Women Congress of the Unemployed

Connecticut Committee to aid Victims of the Smith Act

Connecticut Ste Youth Conference

Council for Jobs, Relief and Housing

Council for Pan-American Democracy

Council of Greek American

Council on African Affairs

Daily Worker Press Club

Dennis Defense Committee

Detroit Youth Assembly

East Bay Peace Committee

Emergency Committee to Save Spanish Refugees

Everybody's Committee to Outlaw War

Families of the Baltimore Smith Act Victim

Families of the Smith Act Victims

Finish-American Mutual Aid Society

Florida Press and Educational League

Frederick Douglas Educational Center

Freedom Stage, Inc.

Friends of the Soviet Union

George Washington Carver School, New York City

Harlem Trade Union Council

Hawaii Civil Liberties Committee

Hellenic-American Brotherhood

Hollywood Writers Mobilization for Democracy

Hungarian Brotherhood

Hungarian-American Council for Democracy

Idaho Pension Union

Independent Party, Seattle, Washington

Industrial Workers of the World

International Labor Defense

International Workers Order, its subdivisions, subsidiaries and affiliates*

Jewish Culture Society

Jewish People's Committee

Jewish People's fraternal Order

Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee

Joseph Weydemeyer School of Social Science, St. Louis, Missouri

Labor Research Association Inc.*

Labor Youth League

Labour Council for Negro Rights

League for Common Sense

League of American Writers*

Macedonian-American People's League

Maritime Labor Committee to Defend Al Lannon

Massachusetts Committee for the Bill of Rights

Massachusetts Minute Women for Peace

Maurice Braverman Defense Committee

Michigan Civil Rights Federation

Michigan Council for Peace

Michigan School of Social Science

National Association of Mexican Americans

National Committee for Freedom of the Press

National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners

National Committee to Win Amnesty for Smith Act Victims

National Committee to Win the Peace

National Conference on American Policy in China and the Far East

National Council for American-Soviet Friendship

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties

National Labor Conference for Peace

National Negro Congress*

National Negro Labor Council

Nature Friends of America

Negro Labor Victory Committee

New Committee for Publications

North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy*

North American Spanish Aid Committee

North Philadelphia Forum

Ohio School of Social Sciences

Oklahoma Committee to Defend Political Prisoners

Oklahoma League for Political Education

Pacific Northwest Labor School, Seattle, Washington

Palo Alto Peace Club, Palo Alto, California

Peace Information Center

Peace Movement of Ethopia

People's Drama, Inc.

People's Educational and Press Association of Texas

People's Educational Association (Los Angeles Educational Center)

People's Institute of Applied Religion

People's Programs (Seattle, Washington)

People's Radio Foundation, Inc.

Philadelphia Labor Committee for Negro Right*

Philadelphia School of Social Science and Art

Photo League

Pittsburgh Art Club

Political Prisoners' Welfare Committee

Polonia Society of the IWO

Proletarian Party of America

Protestant War Veterans of the USA Inc.

Provisional Committee of Citizens for Peace, Southwest Area Provisional Committee on
  Latin American Affairs

Quad City Committee for Peace

Queensborough Tenants League

Revolutionary Workers League

Romanian-American Fraternal Society

Russian American Society, Inc. [1]

Samuel Adams Scholl, Boston, Massachusetts

Santa Barbara Peace Forum, Santa Barbara, California

Schappes Defense Committee

Schneiderman-Darcy Defense Committee

School of Jewish Studies

Seattle Labor School, Seattle, Washington

Serbian Vidovidan Council

Serbian-American Fraternal Society

Slavic Council of Southern California

Slovak Workers Society

Slovenian-American National Council

Socialist Workers Party, including American Committee for European Workers' Relief

Southern Negro Youth Congress

Syracuse Women for Peace

Tom Paine School of Westchester, New York

Trade Union Committee for Peace

Trade Unionists for Peace

Tri-State Negro Trade Union Council

Ukrainan-American Fraternal Union

Union of New York Veterans

United American Spanish Aid Committee

United Committee of Jewish Societies and Landsmannschaft

United Committee of South Slavic American

United Defense Council of Southern California

United Harlem Tenants and Consumers Organization

United May Day Committee

United Negro and Allied Veterans of America

United World Federalists

Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Virginia League for People's Education

Virginia League for People's Education

Voice of Freedom Committee

Walt Whitman School of Social Science, Newark, New Jersey

Washington Bookshop Association

Washington Committee for Democratic Action

Washington Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights

Washington Commonwealth Federation

Washington Pension Union

Wisconsin Conference on Social Legislation

Workers Alliance Yiddisher Kultur Farband

Young Communist League*

Yugoslav Seamen's Club, Inc.

Yugoslav-American Cooperative Home, Inc.