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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Huckabee - Neocon-Counterfeit Conservative 'Friendly' With Richard Haass' CFR-Globalization Policies

orig. pub. 09.2011

Lest we forget the past sneaks - - with rumblings of Huckabee musing about a run for president, thought a brushup on this globalist counterfeit Christian is in order.

Huckabee had no reservations explaining his affection for the secretive think tank. "There are very good people involved," he told the young Republican.

One such CFR member is its current head, Richard Haass, whom Huckabee describes as "an old friend" who is "very knowledgeable about international affairs." Huckabee then off-set speculation about Haass by adding that "nobody can question his sense of patriotism or loyalty to the United States."

An Iowa student expressed his concerns about the Council on Foreign Relations with presidential candidate Mike Huckabee during a recent appearance.

IMF MD Lagarde at CFR

(L) CFR president Richard Haass and (R) International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde Council on Foreign Relations Photographer/Don Pollard

Richard Haass has previously made direct statements declaring that "State sovereignty must be altered" to yield to control by world bodies and the forces of globalization. The CFR head is also a frequent attendee at Bilderberg conferences, and may well have a different sense of loyalty and patriotism than other Americans.

Nevertheless, Huckabee's statements in Iowa only further solidify statements he made last week to CNN's Wolf Blitzer where he named Haass as his key source for foreign policy, along with Frank Gaffney, a notorious neo-con.

Huckabee, under the guidance of Haass, would certainly pose a danger to national sovereignty-- not only does the C.F.R. regard the concept of sovereignty with contempt, but has effectively worked towards erasing all borders and increasing international integration since its inception.

Further, its a clear sign that Huckabee would offer no resistance to further NAFTA expansion, deals like the SPP and other steps towards the further degradation of the Constitution (making him not much different from the other corrupt presidential candidates).

Huckabee did acknowledge concerns about the CFR's role as an "international, globalist organization" as a potential threat to State sovereignty, but seemed to offset such concerns with regard for its role in 'research.'