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Sunday, September 28, 2014

IRS Charters for Tax-Exempt Abortion Foundations are Killing America...Literally

The only lawful remedy as most already know is to toss out the un-Constitutional IRS. The Constitution does not bestow privilege upon a class of any sort, including churches. How can you have a separation of church and state when the state grants your prayers special privilege?

IPAS, listed below is a large Buffett vehicle to advance abortion, and of course "women's reproductive rights" around the world. There are just too many pages of Buffett grants for abortion to send them all. Just trying freezes-up my blog publisher. You haven't even seen the amounts the Buffett Butcher Klan is giving to hospitals, universities, and other clinics. Hundreds of millions of taxpayer-subsidized grants for the murder of the unborn. These "charities" receiving the funds are tax-structured so they, too, can downstream their granting further to even more abortion mills. "Catholics for Choice" got over $2,000,000 from the Buffett Klan alone!
Bill Gates & Warren Buffett enjoying an airborne chuckle
Be sure there are other donors than Buffett hiding under the IRS umbrella eager to murder America's soul as well.

We ordinarily don't become outspoken to this extent for one issue, but because eliminating the un-Constitutional Income Tax (not illegal, but IS unlawful) is an eventual objective of America's Conservatives (with or without support of the gradual usurpment of tea partiers), we wanted to bring it into focus for the harm and destruction being done to us and other countries by the privileged rich. Why isn't this terrorism on any continent? Hitler's gassing was more humane.

Wouldn't it something if a growing awareness of this issue began erupting on college campuses across the land?  What would be the outcome if armies of co-eds came to the full understanding of the methods used to destroy her hoped-for family were right on campus!

Pick your own issue of stolen rights that aggravates you most, and you'll see your enemy is being paid for by yourself!

The Congress could de-fund the IRS quicker than you could find the real first name for Cock Robin.