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Friday, December 2, 2011

Meltdown:The Secret History of Global Financial Collapse - Video

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Meltdown: The Global Financial Collapse
CBC’s Doc Zone traveled from Wall Street, then to Dubai, then to China, to look into The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse. Meltdown is a well-rounded documentary film exposing the hardest economic crisis of our generation. Greed as well as carelessness by the the big players of Wall Street causes the biggest financial crash ever since the infamous Great Depression. The collapse’s effect ripples all over the world right from California up to Iceland, then to China. Dealing with economic mess up, anxious world leaders are looking for another temporary solution.

According to the film, central banks are the primary root cause of the financial disaster. Central banking was designed by Wallstreet’s top players, who established the Federal Reserve, or even the international banks who have built the central banks around the globe, and they took the people’s only defense against never ending debt as well as inflation.

Correspondent Terence McKenna of CBC takes you behind the financial news and inside the private rooms of world governments along with banking organizations, uncovering the incredible degree of backstabbing as well as pressure behind the curtain as the entire world came alarmingly near to the next Great Depression. This 4-part documentary is a tale of bankers who put the world in the brink of collapse, the world leaders who battled to avoid it and also the families under high levels of debt.