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Monday, January 30, 2012

Glenn Beck and Richard Poe Investigate George Soros’ Role in Worldwide Unrest - video

True, George Soros is a menace to the world, but supplanting him (or Obama) with Neoconservative opportunists is not a solution. Only Americanists should be entrusted with our liberties. As an assist to determine who's who in this entangled philosophical world see:The “true Zionist” and the Evangelical vote

Posted on January 30, 2012 by   The Blaze

Targeting the U.S. With ‘Covert Activities’: Beck Investigates Soros’ Role in Worldwide Unrest

“I want to go back to George Soros and what we’ve talked about because the choice here between us is really clear. The options in front of us are: start to rely on ourselves, start to do the right things ourselves, start to become more self-reliant, start to just follow your heart, do the right thing, or continue to listen to the so-called experts who (I think) are setting up a giant trap for all of us,” Glenn Beck said last week on his GBTV program.

This was Beck’s preface to a serious discussion on billionaire philanthropist and currency speculator George Soros; the man he believes is largely responsible for the world’s economic turmoil.

Joining Beck on GBTV to discuss George Soros and his political connections was Richard Poe, co-author of “The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party.”

“Can you tell me, Richard, first of all, why is no one looking into George Soros?” Beck asked. “Why is this ‘class warfare’ on everybody else except for George Soros?”

“Glenn,” Poe responded, “I would suspect that what happened to you when you went after George Soros may have a lot to do with that.”

What does he mean?

“Probably of anybody on network television, you (when you were on Fox News) went after George Soros more thoroughly and more definitively and giving a lot more details about his covert operations overseas, which is the part of the story that usually is not told,” Poe explained.

“You did more of that than, I think, anyone has ever done on network television. And, of course, I don’t know the inside story like you do, but it appears to me and I think it probably appears to a lot of people in the media and out of the media that you got punished for that.

Now maybe that’s not true but that’s how it looked.”

“I think I paid a huge price for going after George Soros. But I ain’t dead,” Beck said, “Quite honestly, I thought that was an option.”

Referencing a recent GBTV Soros exposĂ©, Beck turned to Poe for clarification, saying that Soros is “a guy who seems to either frighten everyone or control everyone.”

“Am I wrong?” Beck asked.

Watch Glenn Beck and Richard Poe discuss how deep Soros’ influence and connections run via GBTV:

“He has tremendous influence and he is a very thin-skinned person by nature,” Poe answered.

“And he seems to have a lot of powerful friends in the government, in the intelligence community, in all kinds of walks of life, and a great willingness to use his connections for personal ends. He does not like to be criticized and I have been astonished in the few years that I have been taking little digs at him (in my own little way), I have been astonished by the extent to which he will react when he is criticized even if someone’s as small as little ‘ol me,” Poe said.

“Yeah, he is very much like Barack Obama,” Beck said.

“These guys are so rarely criticized, they just don’t know how to react. When someone does it, they can’t even believe it!” Beck Laughed.

“I think Soros, there’s a chance that Soros is doing the endgame here of the euro. You’ve studied him enough,” Beck said to Poe. “I’m not sure this is the endgame but this is the beginning of a new phase, at least with his currency crashing in Europe. Do you believe that or not?”

“I believe that Soros, and his minions, and his associates believe this is the endgame. They want it to be the endgame. Soros himself is 81-years old. He has been preparing for this moment his entire adult life. He predicted as far back as 1987 in his book ‘The Alchemy of Finance,’ he called for, essentially, for talking down the U.S. dollar as the global currency of choice. He said that it was time for the dollar to go and to be replaced by some other currency.”

So what conclusions do Poe and Beck draw? That is to say, what can be said definitively about George Soros?

Soros has a “very well-developed theory of how the world should work. He believes, of course, in globalism — although sometimes he denies that he believes in globalism. He believes that we should create a new, essentially a central bank for the entire world, which issues a global currency, which would replace the dollar as the dominant current on earth,” Poe said.

“He has a very, very clearly laid out plan for globalizing the planet. And a big part of this plan, one might even say the biggest part of this plan, as he states very clearly, is to break the power of the United States which he sees as the one force which is strong enough, and stubborn enough, and sufficiently in love with its own independence, to try and stop this from happening.”

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