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Friday, April 27, 2012

Silver to Break Out to Upside this Monday

Published by Charleston Voice, 4.27.12
The Stop-and-Reverse (SAR) dots and other lower indicators on all shorter term silver charts, ie, 5min, 10min,1hr, 4hr, 8hr...are now Bullish. We await for the SAR on the Daily chart to "reverse" and appear below silver's price early next week, hopefully Monday. The MACD, Full Stochastics, and RSI are all trending up. Barring any 'attacks' we should ascend to test the $37 resistance line established on Feb. 28th. As usual, don't bet your life on it, only your shirt.

Using the G/S Ratio as an inverse coincident indicator, it appears to have topped @54.207 with its lower indicators now turning down. We await the SAR Daily dot reversal to occur soon. As usual, you can do your own charting free at Netdania.

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