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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Soros-supported Southern Poverty Law Center

In a story about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) accusing conservative Christian groups like the Family Research Council of “hate,” The Washington Post described the SPLC as a “civil rights organization.” But The Social Contract, a public policy journal, investigated the SPLC in a recent issue and found that it used “ritual defamation” as a weapon “to advance a far-left agenda and a device to raise more money from gullible liberals to add to its $200 million slush fund.”

The SPLC is  a “slime machine” that has also targeted the Eagle Forum, the Heritage Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), The Social Contract says.

1x1.trans The Soros supported Southern Poverty Law Center
Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center appears
on Moscow-funded Russia Today

The “slush fund” reference is to the $200 million in “reserve funds” that its directors have invested “in hedge funds and offshore bank accounts in places like the Cayman Islands,” The Social Contract claims.

While the group claims to find political extremists on the right (and once labeled this writer a member of a sinister group of “Patriots” for writing critically of the United Nations, President Obama, and the homosexual lobby, among other things), it is the SPLC that has an agenda far outside the mainstream. The group’s “Teaching tolerance” project even ran an article praising unrepentant Communist terrorist bomber Bill Ayers as a “civil rights organizer, radical anti-Vietnam War activist, teacher and author.” An “editor’s note” goes so far as to say that Ayers “has became a highly respected figure in the field of multicultural education.”

In fact, his past is finally catching up with him, as law enforcement authorities investigate his possible role in the 1970 bombing murder of a San Francisco policeman, and his former employer, the University of Illinois, rejected his request for “professor emeritus” status because he and his wife Bernardine Dohrn had dedicated a book in part to the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.

Since RFK was opposed to the Vietnam War and was in fact the leading anti-war candidate at the time, this makes the claim of Ayers being an “anti-Vietnam War activist” a total lie.

Ayers favored the war but wanted the communist North Vietnamese to win. They did, with the help of Ayers and a liberal Congress cutting off aid to non-Communist South Vietnam.

While the Post and other liberal media treat the SPLC with respect it does not deserve, the Social Contract has carried a series of articles exposing the SPLC, including one by a left-winger, Ken Silverstein, who notes that the group’s headquarters has become known as the “Poverty Palace.” Silverstein quoted one authentic civil rights leader as calling one of the leaders of the SPLC a fraud and a con man.
1x1.trans The Soros supported Southern Poverty Law Center
SPLC salaries: President Richard Cohen makes $340,000 a year.

One of the articles, by Kevin Lamb, examined the SPLC’s close cooperation with the major media, which are not surprisingly anxious for sensational stories about alleged right-wing extremists and “haters.”

Also, not surprisingly, the SPLC is a source of “authoritative” information for the George Soros-funded Media Matters group, which specializes in smearing media organizations opposed to the Obama Administration agenda. Media Matters is run by a former conservative turned homosexual activist by the name of David Brock, and his apparent grudge against his former colleagues, who rejected his lifestyle, seems to motivate his animus.

While Media Matters will undoubtedly continue to cite the SPLC as a credible source, a far more serious matter is that somebody in the FBI has recommended the organization.

As noted by journalist Phil Kent, who did a YouTube video on the problem, the FBI has listed the SPLC as a credible source of information on “hate crimes.” Inexplicably, the page still exists, despite the discrediting of the group by The Social Contract.

Kent points out that the SPLC, as part of its “Teaching Tolerance” project, ran an “activity” for students called “Thanksgiving Mourning,” promoting the United American Indians of New England as a resource. Its site calls for the freedom from prison of convicted killer Leonard Peltier, who murdered two FBI agents.

Killing FBI agents sounds like something that could be considered hateful. Perhaps the FBI ought to take notice of the real agenda of the SPLC.
By Cliff Kincaid  —   December 3, 2010

Professional “Anti-hate” Group Goes to Bed with Reds
By Cliff Kincaid  —   January 28, 2011

John Rossomando of The Daily Caller has broken a story about how the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a source of information for the major media on such matters as the Arizona shooting rampage, is now placing its articles in a communist newspaper through a left-wing “news service.”

The paper is the People’s World, the official on-line publication of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The CPUSA is the old Moscow-line party which was funded by the Soviet Union and infiltrated the U.S. government with agents and spies. It was an official sponsor of the October 2, 2010, “One Nation Working Together” progressive rally in Washington.

The Rossomando piece reports that Mark Potok, the director of the “intelligence project” of the SPLC, “declined to comment when asked whether ‘People’s World’ should remove his commentary or whether he disapproved of the CPUSA newspaper’s decision to publish his piece.”

The no-comment is unusual for Potok, who has been widely quoted by the press as some kind of authority on the “far right,” with National Public Radio portraying him as an expert on “extremist groups.” Now, the SPLC itself stands accused of being in bed with an organ of a political party whose ideology The Black Book of Communism says is responsible for about 100 million deaths.
1x1.trans The Soros supported Southern Poverty Law Center
Another Mark Potok appearance on Russia Today

Paul Kengor, author of Dupes, a book on how communists use liberals for their own purposes, told Rossomando, “It is ironic that liberal groups such as the SPLC, like other liberals, never see the pro-communists as the bad guys.”

But this isn’t the first time that Potok has appeared in the People’s World. An article from March of 2010 claimed he had played a role in forcing Lou Dobbs to leave CNN and quoted him as saying that constituents of Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann should pressure her to “stop” making “false allegations” about President Obama.

The SPLC President J. Richard Cohen said Dobbs was a racist and had to go because he dared to assert that Obama’s certification of live birth, released by the Obama presidential campaign, is not the “original document” because it fails to include basic information about the hospital where he was born and the attending physician. Legitimate or long-form birth certificates include such information.

While attempting to protect Obama from serious scrutiny into his background, the SPLC labeled communist terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, an associate of the President, “a highly respected figure in the field of multicultural education,” and even promoted an American Indian group that celebrates the killer of two FBI agents.

The Potok article in the communist paper denounces an obscure event sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Liberal Journalist Ken Silverstein has written several articles about the questionable fund-raising techniques of the SPLC, including exaggerating alleged right-wing threats to make money. In regard to the Arizona massacre, the SPLC was quick to cite a Fox News report, later exposed as false, that a right-wing group had influenced shooter Jared Loughner.
1x1.trans The Soros supported Southern Poverty Law Center
The SPLC attacks Russia Today television, even though Mark Potok of the SPLC has appeared on it. 

The Potok article on the southern heritage controversy was provided through a news service, OtherWords, sponsored by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

The IPS came under criticism in the 1980s, even from a New York Times Magazine article “Think Tank of the Left,” for being a mouthpiece for anti-American and communist regimes. One of its officials, Orlando Letelier, was exposed as a Cuban agent in briefcase papers found by law enforcement authorities after his death. Bill Ayers himself had been an IPS speaker on educational issues.

Rather than being just one of several sources of articles being placed  in “progressive” publications like the People’s World, the SPLC is a “partner” in the IPS OtherWords news service, along with such organizations as the George Soros-funded Free Press, founded by Marxist Robert McChesney. Potok spoke at a Free Press conference.
Source The Soros Files