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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jim Willie: Bank Runs to Begin in Spain, Spread to London & NY *video*


In this interview recorded earlier today, Jim Willie discusses the debt tower of babel slow motion collapse in progress in the West, and also discusses an Eastern coalition intent on draining the western banking cabal of their entire physical gold stores.


Eventually this European strain will result in bank runs, then a gaggle of take-overs, nationalizations…big big aid programs/ recapitalizations amidst failures. Finally bank holidays. Bank holiday’s that will begin in France & Spain will spread to London and New York.


Regarding the Eastern coalition: ‘The Eastern coalition was formed in late 2011 with the specific motive to go out and acquire the gold held in New York and London banks, and TO BURY THEM.


Not bury the gold, to bury the banks! This Eastern coalition is armed with $50 billion in a war chest along with attorneys, judges, and gold brokers.


On April 30th an ENTIRE YEAR OF SILVER GLOBAL OUTPUT was sold in paper in ONE DAY. On February 29th an entire year of silver global mining output was sold IN TWO HOURS. These banks are selling without posting collateral. They’re selling annual output in hours.


The Eastern coalition sees these naked ambushes and are forcing margin calls on these gold cartel banks to force them to come up with cash, and they have decided to refuse the paper cash and demand delivery of the gold.


Willie’s explosive full interview Parts I & II below:


Source: Silver Doctors