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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Should the States Secede Now? (UPDATED)

The BIG question for Europeans is Why shouldn't you secede from the Eurozone!

Published by Charleston Voice, Bill Rummel, Editor 06.28.12

For more than a century millions upon millions of Americans have spent their earnings (and earnings of others) to special interest groups and non-profit foundations. The amounts have comfortably been in the billions of dollars for your pet peeve and issues.
FRAUD ALERT! Beware of Con-Cons: State Legislators Warn Against a Constitutional Convention - *12 min. Video*

CHARLESTON, SC- ChasVoice, 06.28.12

Sergeant William Jasper saves flag at Fort
Sullivan in Charleston SC June 28, 1776
Unlike our ancestors decades ago we think we've been lobbying our congressman and chosen political party with our time and money. Our ancestors weren't fooled right away, it took a while for them to realize their federal government could be the agent of plunder for themselves.

Whether it's been Constitutional or not has not mattered to our elected. I think it might have been Lew Rockwell who said "our federal government now is but one political body with two heads". Any new party would just be bought-off likewise, and just become another head. Liberty is embellished in the mind and soul, not in a political banner.

You've fought federal gun control, federal education, the unlawful income tax and the 16th Amendment, federal land grabs, state national guards in undeclared conflicts, abortion, Social Security, Federal Reserve, United Nations treaties, and many, many more liberty-robbing oppressions from Washington too numerous to mention. And now we've got federal health care to zap us again for more energy drain.

If "only congress shall make laws" why is it we have permitted congress, the Supreme Court and Executive Branches, and not to be left out, our hundreds of federal agencies to make their own rules ("statutes")? You know the answer to that question. Because they were bought out from under us. Washington is corrupted through and through in every fiber by a Corporatist state.

If you remain a 'single issue patriot' , we're not going to make it. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda won't cut it as an afterthought. Look at the big picture by avoiding societal conflicts engineered by Washington.

The US southern states have been there, done that all before.  Southern states of that era were predominantly Jeffersonian Democrats. The Republican-controlled congress of the 1860s levied discriminatory taxes on the southern agrarian states and punishing protective tariffs for northern manufacturers on competing importers. That South Carolina's firing on Fort Sumter started the Civil War is a bold-faced lie. That 'historical' account is absurd to the extreme. SC had already seceded and was now under the Confederate States of America.

They were now a foreign country. Fort Sumter had been ceded to the United States by SC, but only as a member of the United States. Not only did Washington not return the island to SC, but it took act of war action by re-inforcing it with additional Union troops stowed away on the warship,  Star of the West! An early 'false flag' event of our federal government!

Okay, that's your dose of US Civil War history for now. We are a refugee ourselves from the northern states, living pleasantly in the Occupied South, but still the theft of our rights from Washington goes on unabated.

Is secession called for again? Absolutely no!... Yet. [SEE Appendage Below]

All the states have a sledgehammer tool of all sledgehammers in freedom's quiver. It must be taken out from its repository and re-slung into the bow. It's known as NULLIFICATION. Just as state secession is not unlawful, neither is it for a sovereign state to exert its authority by mandate for the 10th Amendment. This article was intended by our framers to prohibit the central government by exercising any power not specifically granted to it. But, you knew that already.

Familiarize yourself with Nullification, it's our lifeline to rescuing our stolen liberties. Don't you just love it when the MSM trots out their "constitutional scholars" to their TV audiences for definitive clarification! You are the scholars here, not the appointed or even the elected. They have a sworn oath of office to you!

Let's not be like a Greece and the euro. Iceland was right - get the hell out! If we're going down the tube, let's go down by keeping corruption local at the state level!

Appended 11/7/12:
Secede Now? 

Hey y'all, get ready world, we
got us another Lincoln tyrant
alright, fer shur! Heah?
Not quite. Your elected state representatives have not heard from you. Furthermore, many have already compromised their principles for their own 'greater good'.  Washington would collapse without having your economic production to feed from. Force by arms would be the fedgov's response to ensure your enslavement prevails. State secession edicts will fail without an electorate suitably informed on our Constitution. To attempt to secede without otherwise being sufficiently informed on our Rule of Law will result in only a new government under a different tyrant. The southern states were an informed electorate, but failed because they failed to see that the Republican Party would not abide by Constitutional law and simply let the South go its own way.

Our state national guards are overseas. They must be brought home to resume the intended role of state militias, not an oppressive arm of the fedgov. When the German field commander at the Battle of the Bulge alarmingly came to notice all his tank crews were disembarking their tanks through the turrets and walking wearily to the rear, he demanded from a soldier, "Where do you think you're going soldier!"

"We're going home, sir", was his reply. And, so it came to be.

Here's the kicker that will push most of the "constitutionalists" and "states rights" good folks over the cliff: "What will you use for money to rebuild your new country?" Be reminded that our Constitution calls for the only lawful money to be gold or silver coin. Less than 1% of Americans have saved any. How do you build a solid foundation for liberty without honest money?

Are you one of the 1%? If not a prepper with goods to trade, a farmer, or a trades skill, how will you live? If you want to be a sturdy constitutionalist then you'll have to do your own nation re-building without welfare. Something to ponder now why you still have time (maybe), huh? Don't 'beggar thy neighbor' for a handout, or be a burden to family and friends who went without now to ensure they could save when the need to survive took precedent over their amusements.

"A thief is more moral than a congressman; when a thief steals your money, he doesn't demand you thank him." ~ Walter Williams

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