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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cancer and other Cures Frustrated by Rockefellers and the FDA *vid*

For more on how these tax-exempt foundations have corrupted our country with money gifted from us go here.
For another youtube expose of the FDA, go here 

For the extensive video gallery of the Rockefellers and their co-conspirators go to bottom of this post.

Published on Mar 12, 2014

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the high.

The modern day mainstream medical industry has a dubious history, deeply rooted by a drive for profit through the subversion and suppression of non-profitabl.

Alex Jones Radio show 5th of January 2009 broadcast. Dr. Russell Blaylock talks to Alex about the Rockefellers and their eugenics programs and how it all cam.

Part of a Eustace Mullins interview by wa5dxp, May 22, 2005.

Global Sciences Congress, December 1, 1990, Tampa, Florida.

An exploration of the mission and history and an overview of some current research underway at The Rockefeller University Hospital. The Hospital, which is ce.

How ROCKEFELLER ruined our Medical industry, hiding a simple cure for ALL diseases, even terminal cancer, for nearly free and no danger -- contrary to Corbot.

J'ai créé cette vidéo à l'aide de l'application de montage de vidéos YouTube ( A senior UN counter-terrorism official is to as.

The good folks at Natural News put together this short - but extremely revealing - video about the origins of both the American Medical Association and the n.

The Rockefeller Foundation was first set up in 1904 and called the General Education Fund. An organization called the Rockefeller Foundation, ostensibly to s.

J'ai créé cette vidéo à l'aide de l'application de montage de vidéos YouTube ( A senior UN counter-terrorism official is to as.

This is a video of the Rockefeller Estate. It is the home that John D. Rockefeller, the nations first billionaire, called Kykuit - dutch for lookout, because.

Rockefeller was used to tough situations from a young age. Watch his story in The Men Who Built America exclusively on HISTORY (Sky 529, Virgin Media 234, BT.

Rockefeller University cell biologist Ralph M. Steinman, who discovered the immune system's sentinel dendritic cells and demonstrated that science can fruitf.

David Rockefeller, youngest son of the late John D. Rockefeller Jr., discusses his new book, Memoirs, with UCSD history Professor Michael E. Parrish. Serie.

Quelle: The Rockefeller Medicine http.

Eustace Mullins in the Bobby Lee Show in 1992 on the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly and the matching cancer industry, the profits of cancer, death and vaccinat.

This is one of the Billionaires mentioned who decide who lives and who dies, pay attention to what he is saying and why.

Voices for National Service and ServiceNation, in partnership with AmeriCorps Alums, have launched the I Serve Because. Video Contest. This is why I serv.

7 minute vid starts out at President Garfield's monument and tomb. Then we parked and walked up to the Rockefeller family plot.

Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV gave an opening statement at the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation hearing on June 26, 201.

Les Rockefeller - 1l3.
This is the video gallery of subversive activities of the Rockefellers and their agents.