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Monday, August 27, 2012

Update 1: Silver to Hit High of $77 by Spring Before Correcting & Ratcheting Higher

We look for stutter steps up to our next 50% Fib target of $31.82, then a mini-correction to as low as $30.42. Then a resumed launch to 61.8% retrace to  $33.15.

Up front: there are no sure-fire technical analysts on this earth that can reliably get market calls in metals consistently right every time to whom you can entrust your money. None, nada, rien...nein. We have been wrong on so many occasions we hesitate to post this.
Fortunately,  our off-the-mark calls have been in an upward trending bull mark, so short term trading in/out was not crucial. In fact, many 'experts' believe in a 17-year cycle for investment sectors. If correct, then the gold/silver bull should run until 2016, if you use Buffett's selling his silver in 1999 as a benchmark for a cyclical trough.

DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. The charts below you can freely replicate for yourself at Netdania. You will learn to be a 'relative value seeker'. As such gold/silver being money, the two are measured against government issued paper monies in quadrillions of times every day! The time come (hopefully sooner) whereby metals savers will exchange for a competitive medium of exchange. Let's hope governments are forced out of interfering with us. If not another Dark Ages will descend.

Remember you can't blame bad investment advice on your broker. He was of your own choosing. You were too lazy to do your own homework. Become appreciative of your hard work by respecting what you've gone without to have the savings you do. You're no help to anyone else if you can't protect yourself, no?

'Nuf said on that subject. Now here's something that'll really droop your eyelids. Fibonacci retracement lines and targets. For those familiar with Fibonacci, see charts below. For newbies to Fibs, watch this brief video clip.

The 1st chart is a daily, the one below is monthly. Either can be expanded larger by clicking on them.