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Monday, April 27, 2015

UPDATE: Can American Banks Raiding Safety Deposit Boxes Be Legal Next After they Loot their Customers Personal Accounts?

CV 1st posted 08.29.2012

"Yes, We Can! We don't need no phreakin' Constitution!"
                    ...and the people's response is:

the People say "You phreakin' DO need to obey the Federal and state constitutions!" Any actions to seize our private property by any federal agency or their law officers will be nullified by the individual states. Violators or trespassers of these personal rights can and will be arrested and judged in a state court. No federal magistrate has the granted authority to interpret or end-around our Rule of Constitutional Law.

Our own state law enforcement entities will no longer be a "team player" with tyrants, but will as they should be, do the right thing and become team players with the people, not accessories to oppression. 

Any bank likewise delegating these confiscations to third parties jeopardize their being prohibited for having any business authority or surrogates within those states.  

Questions? Watch:  ▶ Nullification a Tool We All Have by Thomas Woods - YouTube