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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How the USA Murdered Libya's Gaddafi

Unaccounted War Crime: USA murdered Gaddafi and the Legacy of Libya’s Great Leader

SPECIAL REPORT SERIES by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, TSR Founder & Publisher, Political Strategist and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations

Publisher’s Note (as per August 14, 2012): Please honor and respect this report as this is highly personal at the same time. Many of my friends, colleagues and staff have paid for this TRUTH with their own lives, including my best friend, big brother and UN mentor who has been put to coma by these same perpetrators who are still walking freely, protected by Obama. The official report never got finished because of it, and I was the one given the mandate to release it. It was never finished because it was also intercepted, and I was advised by the security team to be stay alive for the sake of Humanity. 

We did notify Russia, China, Ban Ki Moon, and India about the revelations. Russia and China learned they were deceived, thus you should understand that they will not be duped again with Syria. Syria is being attacked by the same villains pretending to represent as defenders of “human rights” and “democracy”. We are opening up this report free of charge now because we cannot allow this to happen anymore to any sovereign nation because of ignorance and greed. This is what the Zionists want to do with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Yes, Zionists. They had a meeting last year lobbied by the same war criminal Zionist French lackey, Bernard Henri Lévy (nicknamed as BHL). We welcome that you re-publish half of it and give The Santos Republic visibly (top and bottom of your pages).
Oct. 20, 2011 (TSR) – The Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya founding father, Col. Muammar Gaddafi and his son, Mutassim is indeed dead and was confirmed per phone by Aisha Gaddafi, Saif Al-Gaddafi and Aisha’s counsel.

As usual, the mainstream media are only publishing a fraction of TRUTH. Not everyone in Libya is rejoicing. Millions are angry, even within the NTC group.

Gaddafi said Sept 9 to us, “I will NEVER surrender and will NEVER go alive to any court.

This is my people. I will die for my people!” Believe me, we have been trying to get him into safety since February (2011). But he loved Libya so much and his people. He also know, and we know, he is innocent of all the accusations that Sarcozy, Cameron and Obama were drumming up in cahoots. There was no revolution.

Russian intelligence satellite photos can confirm that. I confirm it. I can assure the world at large that this is not deterring us from releasing the TRUTH. The real war criminals must be held accountable. If China, Russia and other nations will continue to be on the sideline, it will be detrimental for our world.

Here are the real FACTS: The U.S. Government ordered the Libyan rebels to execute him. The murder of Colonel Gaddafi was in fact sanctioned by the US Secretary of State who was in Libya only yesterday. But let me give you something the mainstream media and FUK-Usa will never tell you: TRUTH – from intelligence agents, and  from Saif al-Islam, Aisha and their attorneys.

Hillary Clinton was smuggled into Tripoli and did not land in the airport because there is no plane that could land there safely. Where they took her for photo op is definitely not Tripoli.

We can confirm that Colonel Gaddafi was in fact alive after he was captured and that he did not as reported ‘beg for his life.’ We are still awaiting an unconfirmed report that the location of Colonel Gaddafi was in fact relayed to the so-called rebels by UK support troops under the NATO umbrella.

Saif was with Col. Gaddafi and Mutassim when NATO jets bombed them. Mutassim died immediately with the others. Safi is badly injured and is taken to a Libyan military hospital detention. If they don’t kill him he will make it.

He will be transferred to the Hague Detention Center in Holland due to the falsified-based claims of US-bribed I.C.Ccharges conjured up by the USA-NATO with their mainstream media puppets.

It is not correct to say that communications are completely broken with Libya.

Some NTC Libyan rebels have been appalled by the manner upon which the US/UK planned the murder of Colonel Gaddafi since they preferred him to stand trial and to reveal information regarding his dealing with both the UK and the USA.

But what USA wants, usually gets. Just like Serbia, Iraq and now Libya. And the world just stands by and allow it.

We were informed that only the United States is insisting on a post mortem and that they want this report to  be classified and not made available. This will, of course, be another insult to the injury to the Libyans and Arabs. Gaddafi is a Muslim and a post mortum is not acceptable. He is not supposed to be touched, but USA insisted for the post mortem. Only USA demanded this.  They need to make sure Gaddafi was dead.

UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron and William Hague confirming their pride in the Libya operation and that in Hague’s own words “we will not mourn him” which in itself says more about Hague than Gaddafi.

After stealing $170 billions of dollars from Libyan Arab Jamahiriyan coffers and getting pleasant support from Gaddafi, US Government with Obama murders Gaddafi.


All year, series of assassinations against Gaddafi failed. I should know.  My big brother got targeted even when cluster bombs!

Today, they finally succeeded. Intelligence sources and Aisha Gaddafi’s counsel, Giovanni Di Stefano, confirmed now that Gaddafi’s convoy in Sirte was bombed by an American Predator drone and then subsequently attacked by French jets. RAF Tornados were patrolling over Sirte at the time of the escape attempt and that Gaddafi was not injured during the NATO strike. He was killed outright by rebel forces after permission was sought from the US via a rebel commando on mobile phone to Tripoli. At 05.15am today, NATO designated Gaddafi as a military target and thus made him subject to attack and to be killed.

Full Video of Killing of Gaddafi
WARNING – This video contains extremely violent and disturbing content. Full video of brutal killing of Gaddafi and how he was shot by rebel fighters. Please note that Gaddafi was still alive and they had to kill him because they didn’t want him to be tried in a tribunal. Gaddafi would have won the case.

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