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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

OPERATION AJAX: CIA Destabilizes Iran by Death & Violence, 1953 *2-Part Video*

If you're an American you'll come away with shame for your country and sorrow for the evil and death brought to other nations. They were friendly to us as a people. They trusted us. If you're not American, you'll experience increased hate for America and what our leaders of the same Establishment precipitated then is the same scourge on mankind they bring about now.

You don't really believe many of our government files are filed as "SECRET" because they tell us it's because of 'national security', do you? Are you still dishonest with yourself into thinking the Martin Luther King FBI files are not released because the file is complimentary to him, do you? If we ordained a national holiday to this man, shouldn't we have been informed of his secret files at the time, and not withhold the wiretaps until 2027?

Yes, history does repeat as human nature does not change. Wrongs caused others by our Government can only be rectified by American citizens.  The Iranian people were trying to tell the world, and the United States in particular, to get the frig out of their lives and country. To underscore their outrage they overthrew the Shah, the CIA puppet, and took American Embassy hostages.  Have you forgotten this:
 بد، بد، امریکا!بد، بد، امریکا!
I think Ron Paul's term for this rage would be "blowback".

It's 'in your face' again America. Who do you think will save you from the Conspiracy? Yes, pray to God as if it's all up to Him, but work as if it's all up to you. Only 'blowback' from American citizens can wrest our country -- and the world -- from under the conspiratorial slavemasters. 

As for me February 22, 1732 will always be the holiday for "Washington's Birthday", and not the all-inclusive"president's day".

Do you want to be blamed for the horrors caused by our leaders as we blamed the Germans for doing nothing about Hitler? I think not.

1 June 1953 : Cental Intelligence Agency (CIA) assists British MI6 in a coup, the overthrow of Democratically elected Iranian president Mossadeq, using cash bribes, propaganda, and causing havok to de-nationalize Irans oil and install the Shah. Religious and political leaders are plotted to be paid off in exchange for votes and spreading misinformation. Radio stations were seized and used to quell public disent and spread propaganda. Mossadeq was overthrown and died under house arrest.
Operation Ajax: Iran and the CIA Coup in 1953 Pt. 1/2 

Operation Ajax: Iran and the CIA Coup in 1953 Pt. 2/2