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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Government corruption: The NFL, DoJ, The Mafia and Fixed Games

Congressional oversight over the DoJ is so shoddy, or non-existent that the American people expect no law enforcement from their leaders. Not only that, but instead of outrage football fans want "in on the fix"!

Governments are not supposed to get into gambling at all such as lotteries, etc.; regulators are to keep the enterprises honest, not get in bed with them! With the outcomes of no less than 70 NFL games having been fixed up until 1989, how many do you guess have been fixed in the last 25 years! Is your congress and/or your DoJ any more honest now than 1989?
Whose fault is that?

The angels who run the NFL

Interview with the author of the 1989 book "Interference : How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football."

Drugs, gambling, game fixing, organized crime connections...

How do they keep all this quiet?

Well, in 1989 they didn't.

But here's one trick NFL teams use: They hire retired cops and FBI agents to "manage" their active duty colleagues.

Nothing has changed. 


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