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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Secret Money Fund the US Govt Uses to Hide the Truth from the American People

How the CIA, US Fed Reserve & Treasury Use the Secret Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) to Hide the Truth from the American People *video series*

In my amateurish belief this series of disclosure info & videos in this post contain the most dangerous of any info to the Conspiracy.

This is culled and abbreviated from a 12/14/2011 post of ours. We feel it is appropriate to review in light of the goings-on and increasing intensity to audit the Fed and gold reserves of our own, and those in Fed custody for other nations.

This is a very interesting video series by Eric deCarbonnel of Market Skeptics  about the Exchange Stabilization Fund. It is a look into the secret slush fund that operates trillions of dollars of with no oversight. It is the nexus of money and the dark world of market intervention, covert operation, drug and other illicit activities the Elite run. The real purpose of this video series is very unsettling and turns out to be a very crafty piece of propaganda.

(Because the accompanying dialogue moves so rapidly ahead of the screen script you might want to watch in full screen with your finger on the Pause selection.)
Video 1

 Video 2
Video 3

 Video 4
 Video 5