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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Plundered Gold Depository at Fort Knox

Pssst! Did you know? In hardly any other area of life so many conspiracy theories circulating in the economy. SPIEGEL ONLINE presents the key. This time: How President Nixon verscherbelte the U.S. gold reserves from Fort Knox.

Gert Frobe alias Auric Goldfinger would not believe his eyes, he rode his coup by today would After the Bond villain off the guard units in established manner by poison gas and paving the way into the heavily fortified Fort Knox, could Goldfinger heavy the 22 tonnes and almost a meter thick steel door to the vault open, and saw ... nothing. More precisely, would find a gear with 13 chambers, but not in any of them was just one of the 368,000 gold bars, not an ounce of more than 4500 tons of the precious metal, the store officially in the main depository for the U.S. gold reserves.
However, it would in any case unlikely to Goldfinger in 2012 einginge such a risk. A little research on the Internet would have quickly made him the futility of his enterprise in mind.

Because the relevant conspiracy websites consensus: Fort Knox is sacked for a long time.

Even Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson, according to some to know that gold could at least partly create the boundaries, specifically transported by ship to London. His Republican successor, Richard Nixon, however, which in turn are different verscherbelte convinced that precious little by little - whether for personal gain or for clandestine restructure the budget is unclear.

 Clear, however, is likely the motivation of the super-wealthy Rockefeller family have been to the other conspiracy theorists, according to steel the main part of the gold in Fort Knox and at dumping prices sold to Europeans.
The knowledge of the empty treasury can be dangerous. That had to Dominique Strauss-Kahn in May of last year painful experience, it is believed that of the Swiss newspaper "20 Minuten" quoted story : So, was it knew the Russian intelligence service, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is therefore not on New York airport arrested a maid accused him of rape - but because Strauss-Kahn had learned recently that Fort Knox is actually empty.
What's behind it?
Nothing in the stories about the plundered Fort Knox is even slightly plausible, not a single fact speaks for them. That myth to be persistent hold, is probably attributable to the sole reason why they exist at all: the highly restrictive confidentiality policy of the U.S. Treasury.

Since the first gold for delivery in January 1937, could hardly an outsider to take the interior of Fort Knox in inspection. Harry Truman was said to be the last president, which this has been allowed.
It was based on the assertion of the public anti-Semitic lawyer Peter Beter, the Rockefeller family have the gold from Fort Knox cheaply sold to European customers that moved the U.S. Treasury in 1974 to more transparency. For the first and only time journalists were granted access. It could be filmed and photographed. But this transparency initiative missed its effect. The visitors had only seen one of the 13 chambers, and whether this actually piled meters high bullion or just worthless dummy was immediately hotly debated.
Even the officer in charge of the Treasury, a certain Eric M. Thorson received, according to a Bloomberg report at its annual controls the treasure for a long time not to see. He checked only if the wax seal was not damaged at the doors of the 13 chambers. By September 2010, the locks were changed: Thorson took the opportunity and entered the Holy of Holies. The amount of gold, which he saw, had robbed him of his breath, he said.
And if it were true after all?
Auric Goldfinger, it should be remembered was, anno 1964 not steal the gold from Fort Knox about. Instead, he wanted it using a radioactive bomb pollute and thus drive the value of his own holdings in the air. If contaminated or gone, the effect would be the same - at least 4500 tons correspond approximately 2.5 percent of the gold ever mined on earth. The price of the precious metal would rise significantly in a short time.
The impact could be quite beneficial. If about the crisis countries of the euro zone then their gold reserves (Greece: 111 tons, Portugal: 382 tons, Italy: 2452 tons) would sell, the renovation of their hopelessly indebted households would be easier the crisis story and Europe a prosperous continent.
For the U.S., however, ushering the unveiling less good. Although the material loss would be insignificant in itself - the roughly $ 260 billion, which the gold in Fort Knox is currently worth, the United States take in less than three months on the new debt. But the psychological impact of the loss of confidence in the U.S. emergency reserve would probably be financially devastating: The dollar could crash, his reputation as the world's reserve currency would be gone.
But that's all that happens, it was not enough, if the theory of a yawning empty Fort Knox is true - this fact should also be well-known. Seen from this perspective, the extreme secrecy policies of the American guardians of treasure makes sense.

Source: Der Spiegel