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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America's Foreign Treaties: Entrees for Indebtedness, Subjugation & Enslavement by the Banking Cartel

While Americans focus on the empire-building 'wars on terror' conflicts, we are setting ourselves up for greater dangers in SE Asia.

“…The second presumption that the U.S. and the Japanese defense contributions
to the United States-Japan security treaty can be interpreted as international
public goods is fraught with a series of questionable assumptions.13

To begin with, it is difficult to statistically determine how much of the U.S. national defense expenditure (and the Japanese national defense expenditure) is a contribution to the United States-Japan security treaty (or the United States-Japan alliance, to use a term favored in the 198Os), and how much is not.
Some observers implicitly assume both countries’ total national defense expenditures (America’s 5-6 percent of GNP defense burden and Japan’s 1 percent burden) to be their contributions to the alliance, while others view the estimated costs of the U.S. military presence in Japan (or in the Pacific) as America’s burden of defending Japan. Analytically the more significant issue, however, is that a hegemonic nation’s international commitments cannot be neatly separated from its national interest: America’s financial and human costs of assuming leadership of a collective security arrangement (NATO, the United States-Japan security treaty, and so on) are precisely what bring it various economic, political, and psychic benefits.
In other words, the burden that the United States seems increasingly unwilling-and apparently unable-to bear is the burden of being the superpower: this burden forms the basis of America’s global power, prestige, and privilege…” Source: CFR-Foreign Aid and Burdensharing: Is Japan Free Riding to a Coprosperity Sphere in Pacific Asia? - PDF 71 pgs.
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Reflect upon the CFR-manufactured Marshall Plan following WWII. Bear in mind that all the US taxpayer dollar "generosity" was redeemable - and WAS repatriated - for US GOLD at $35 per ounce! You can do your own math, but recognize the Marshall Plan with its international banking schemes bankrupted America by 1971. Identify your own parallels with the Treaty of Versailles. Who benefited? Yep. You guessed it - good for you!

Marshall Foundation propaganda  video:

Now then...what was George Marshall all about. Sadly, he was a graduate of VMI before his Grand Betrayal of America. See: GENERAL GEORGE C. MARSHALL, COMMUNIST

Try as he did with all his patriotic fervor to expose the Marshall Plan for what it was, Sen. Jos. McCarthy was scorned, ridiculed and defamed by the by now well-entrenched CFR subversives in government, media, and corporations. See: America’s Retreat From Victory

In the present era of international conflict, we had supposed that a India-Sino war would be the next leg up for the bankers to sink Red China and India in irreconcilable debt. Afterall, the money was moving there, no? The US taxpayer subsidized Import-Export Agency had already lent for decades privileged US corporations no/low interest loans to expand in Asia, siphoning off American jobs - and wealth - to a newly blessed bank syndicate wing of the same Conspiracy bird.

So, the question should be for those cherishing Americanism and individual liberties who's goading China into this war menacing behavior? And, can Red China so entangle the US to honor its pledge in the US-Japan Treaty?

An impending Asian conflagration for the US couldn't be another reason the world's central bankers have reached the high anxiety levels they have with extreme worry for the safety of their custodial Gold at the NY Fed....could it?

One can only speculate why the Chinese navy displayed the boldness to become The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise

A real big Hmmm...