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Friday, November 23, 2012

Iranian President calls for a new New World Order

Please let us know if your American Zionist church minister is preaching this message to his congregation. We believe the President is referring to 'crony capitalism' that must be dissolved, not honest capitalism.

November 23, 2012 (TSR ) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Thursday that the world needs a new order on the basis of the fundamental principles of justice and humanity, claiming the era of capitalists has come to an end with the tiding of a new age for humankind.

“We have been witnessing the emergence of a more-complicated form of colonialism and hegemony which has been tightening its grip on the world resources, imposing its toll on all of us one way or another,” the Iranian president said at the ongoing D-8 (Developing Eight) summit in Islamabad.

“Former colonial power and slave masters in a new guise and with new slogans are using different methods and tactics to dominate and plunder resources of nations on the basis of the same hegemonic doctrines,” he said.

Militarism, occupations and violation of other countries’ national sovereignty have been rising as in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, he said.

“Because of their predominance over the world monetary system, worthless paper assets were printed to loot and deplete systematically the wealth and resources of nations,” he said.

He added that a fundamental change and establishment of a new humane order require a firm resolve and joint efforts of all. ” Each and every one of us must have the will and determination to participate in this process towards achieving a sustainable peace, and finally security and welfare for all.”

Justice, love and freedom constitute the foundation of the new order, and are recognized as a right for all human beings, he said, adding, “We all seek to put an end to hegemony, unilateralism, occupation, arms race and violation of (other) countries’ sovereignties.