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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The War Against American Christians – Part I

 12. Feb, 2013 
The War Against American Christians

Part I: Short History
By Dr. Elias Akleh
The American Christians have been for a long time the target of a covert religious war whose battle fields include their homes, their public schools, their churches, and their Sunday schools.

They are subjected to massive well-planned scientifically-based brainwashing programs, whose goals are to distort and to weaken their Christian beliefs, and to divide them into smaller differentiated groups that can be easily manipulated, controlled and enslaved to blindly and loyally serve genocidal colonial agendas of Zionism and Israel under the fallacy of serving God’s chosen people. Groups such as Christian Zionists and Christians United for Israel are victims of such war. Such groups are the American Christian lost flocks.

Religious schools indoctrinate students since childhood into the racist Judaic theology of God’s chosen people in God’s promised land. Many priests focus on the Old Testament (Jewish Talmud) in most of their ceremonies except on Christmas, Easter and other few occasions. Some even invite Jewish Rabbis to their churches to preach about the alleged divinity of the Jews and to collect monetary donations for Israel. Turning the TV to many Christian stations one can hear only warmongering calls for purging the promised land from Islamic heathens and financing Israeli Jews to rebuild the Temple in order to hasten the rapture and the second coming of Jesus. Colonial Zionism seems to have occupied much of Christianity the same way it occupied Palestine.

 Christian Zionism is an incongruent term, for Christianity and Zionism are totally opposite and antagonistic to each other. Christianity is a loving peaceful religion, while Zionism is a genocidal colonial political movement.  Christianity is based on Christ’s loving teachings with a compassionate God, while Zionism is based on the racist elitist Judaic teachings with an angry jealous vengeful warmongering god.

David Brog
David Brog
 Wealthy Zionist Jewish organizations are behind this war against Christianity in Europe and in the Americas. They are the founders of Christian Zionist groups such as Christians United for Israel (CUFI) with over than one million American Christian members. The executive director of CUFI is not even a Christian, rather a devout Zionist Jew called David Brog, who is the cousin of present Israeli Defense Minister and former Israeli Prime Minister and the war criminal Ehud Barak, who led the aggression against besieged Palestinians in Gaza Strip. Brog’s biography posted on the CUFI’s website describes him as one of the 50 most influential Jews in America.

These Zionist Jewish organizations have been the driving force to ban all Christian symbols and culture within public American life, and replacing them with Jewish religious symbols and culture. Through their paid political lobbyists they outlawed Christian Christmas displays on public properties and prohibited Christmas carols, celebration, and praying in public schools. They have changed the “Merry Christmas” greetings into “Happy holidays” greetings. They have removed the Christmas tree from the White House front yard and replaced it with a huge Jewish menorah. Through the Zionist-controlled and financed media sources; TV, movies, and newspapers, they have been injecting Christian American culture with Jewish culture. The US is so infected with Zionist Jewish culture and ideology that the administration has been sending American troops to the Arab World in the Middle East to fight and to die for Zionist Israel.  

 Christianity, Christ’s teachings, is a continuation of teachings of Melchizedek, king of Salem (Jeru-salem, Al-Quds; Arabic for holy city), priest of “God Most High”, who blessed Abram with bread and wine. After this blessing “God” made a covenant with Abram, (Genesis 14: 18-20). David was also “… a priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek” (Psalm of David; Psalm 110:4). Melchizedek Order was higher than the Levitical Priesthood and higher than the Order of Aaron: “Therefore, if perfection were through Levitical Priesthood what further need was there, that another priest should rise according to the order of Melchizedek and not be called according to the Order of Aaron?”

 Judaism is the teachings of Judah, the fourth son of Patriarch Jacob. Judah hated his younger brother Joseph and conspired against him.  He coerced his brothers to join him in selling Joseph to Ishmaelite traders for 20 pieces of silver. Feeling guilt and shame for their father’s grief the brothers deposed and excommunicated Judah, who left his father’s home and lived with the Canaanites marrying one of their daughters, (Genesis 37 -38). Judah established his own order; Judaism with the Pharisees as its priests, separate from his father Jacob, and his tribe became known as Jews rather than Israelites. Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees, who developed Talmudic and Kabbalistic traditions concocted to control, manipulate and enslave the people.

 The Pharisees had developed into a very powerful political priesthood within the Sanhedrin; the Jewish Council, which rivaled the other Jewish three major schools of thought; the Sadducees, the Essenses, and the Zealots. The Sadducees were the main antagonists of the Pharisees who competed for control over the people. It is believed by some historians that the Pharisees had conspired with the Romans during the Jewish-Roman Wars (70 CE) when the Romans crushed the other three schools of thought and ruled the land and appointed Yohanan ben Zakkai; a leading Pharisee, as a Jewish Patriarch ruling all the Jews. Ben Zakkai reestablished the Sanhedrin under Pharisee control. Pharisees became the Rabbis and collected tithe from the people. They had control of the Temple and had converted it into a usury bank for their money changers. More>>