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Monday, May 27, 2013

Adam Kokesh's Planned July 4th Open Carry March Appears To Be A Honeypot Of Controlled Opposition

Giving this issue additional thought leads us to pause and realize Lee Rogers is dispensing good advice to steer clear of this event. Going local with people you know, and fragmenting without central planning is safer all around. Afterall, you're not seeking a confrontation are you? From experience, logical, sensible observer Americans are seldom receptive to street demonstrations. Furthermore, it's more a Marxist strategy than it is an example of Americanism. Remember, anarchy is the goal of Leftism.

May 27, 2013

Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

For anyone who has followed my articles over the past several years you probably already know that I have been highly critical of various figures in the so-called alternative media and patriot movement. Many of the people associated with these groups are paid shills, gatekeepers, useful idiots, scam artists and sometimes just downright bad people.

Important topics that don’t fit the controlled opposition narrative surrounding any number of subjects such as criticism of Abrahamic religions and Zionism are often marginalized or ignored. For years I have maintained that many of these people are part of a controlled opposition front which would eventually be used to start a civil war or at the very least provide a pretext for a militarized crackdown by the government.

With this in mind, the whole narrative surrounding Adam Kokesh and his planned July 4th open carry march on Washington DC and other state capitol buildings has been of great concern to me. The plan is for Kokesh and his supporters to march towards these capitol buildings while openly carrying firearms.

In Washington DC you are not allowed to openly carry a firearm unless you wear a goofy blue uniform and hold a badge because the people running that city hate freedom. As a result, the potential for a violent confrontation or a staged event to demonize gun owners, patriots and others is highly probable if this march goes on as planned.

For those who are unfamiliar with Adam Kokesh he is an Iraq War veteran who has received a great deal of attention from corporate media outlets for participating in various anti-war protests. He is also known for doing a television show called Adam vs. the Man on Russia Today (RT) which has since been cancelled.

Kokesh has been arrested during different political protests including recently in Philadelphia during a marijuana legalization rally. Each time this man has been arrested the incident appears to be the product of staged theatrics. Check out video of Kokesh being arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial here and his arrest at the Philadelphia marijuana legalization rally here and you can decide for yourself.

His arrest in Philadelphia is especially puzzling because there was no legitimate reason for him to be specifically arrested. It was almost as if his arrest was pre-planned despite the fact that this has been used by the alternative media to highlight government tyranny, the police state and the like. In reality, the alternative media should be questioning if this was just an orchestrated public relations stunt but instead they are accepting the arrest at face value.

Even if we were to believe that these arrests were legitimate this most recent arrest has conveniently helped spawn propaganda from radio talk show host Alex Jones and others that he had been disappeared by the government and other ridiculous exaggerated nonsense. This in turn has provided more press coverage for Kokesh’s upcoming planned march.

Kokesh along with Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin are arguably two of the most well-known anti-war protesters around today. Interestingly enough both Kokesh and Benjamin just happen to be Jewish. The power structure that both of them are claiming to be protesting against is dominated by Jewish extremism but neither of them have focused much attention on this very obvious fact. It is highly probable that their tribal connection is why both of these people have been involved in several highly publicized media events.

Kokesh is the cult of personality anti-war figure representing tea party Libertarians and Benjamin is the cult of personality anti-war figure representing Green Party leftists. Like Kokesh, Benjamin was also involved in a recent high profile incident after heckling Barack Obama during his national security speech a few days ago.

 I think it is a reasonable question to ask how two of the most high profile anti-war protesters just happen to be Jewish. I also think it is reasonable to ask why neither of them have been vocal about the crimes committed by other members of a group that they openly identify themselves with. At least Carl Bernstein the Jewish reporter who exposed the Watergate scandal back in the 1970s had the guts to call out Jewish neo-conservatives for their role in devising the Iraq War on MSNBC just a short while ago. It’d be nice to see the same type of courage from both Kokesh and Benjamin.
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