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Friday, May 10, 2013

CNN Caught Faking Another Interview

Television programming is really just the Roman Circus to distract and entertain the people.  While their civilization is crumbling around them they are going to the games or in today’s lingo tuning into their favorite sitcom, info babe, getting the latest juicy gossip.

CNN has pulled fake news interviews for years.  They lie about being on location and now
with Nancy Grace they lie about doing a “satellite” interview. I mean, it’s not a big deal is it? It’s just a difference in location right?  Wrong.  Lying is wrong and you cannot do this and remain credible.

First watch this short video then watch the following videos of real faked news stories.  Are terrorist attacks real? Is N. Korea really going to bomb us? Did 9/11 even happen at the hands of foreign terrorists? Think:

Watch the fake war and then ask yourself is anything you see on TV real?

Now, the real lies:

CNN has faked terrorist attacks, bombings, and other major events.

CNN use fake footage in Sandy Hook story

Here is another compilation of faked news and lies being used to promote whatever agenda at the time

If you think it’s just liberal media, think again….. Here’s Fox faking a story

You are being manipulated.  They did this in the 70′s and 80′s regarding the PLO. There would be a dozen “protesters” framed tightly and they would circle around and around to make it look as if there were a lot more people.  They will set up reporters to show arab children throwing rocks, show children and others injured by Arabs and claim it was Israeli’s who did it.  All this is done to make you react emotionally. Over and over this has happened for decades to affect American’s views of Israel and gin up sympathy for the Arabs whom they wrongly call Palestinians.  The whole Palestinian issue is a lie and if you are like 80% of the population you think these people are indigenous to this region and had their land stolen from them when in fact it’s all a lie.