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Friday, May 9, 2014

Communist Highlander Folk School, Monteagle, TN & Charleston, SC: Extensive Historical Photo Collage, Eleanor Roosevelt

This is truly a remarkable historical collection of this communist-indoctrination training for labor and racist radicals. Notably, below are the auto workers from the CIO labor union.

Also, evidently there were "extension schools", one being in Charleston, SC.

We'd thought the Highlander had been shut down by the state, but apparently its records go to 2005! Mrs. Roosevelt had made at least one visit as late as 1957 (same year as MLK's 1st visit)!

Well, we did some more poking around and discovered it was shut down by the state in 1961. But in intrinsic subversive character Horton moved the Highlander from Monteagle to Knoxville where it flourishes today as the Highlander Research and Education Center.

We don't think it would be out of order to regard the SPLC as today's graduate school of Communist agitation!

See the Highlander story as told by the boxed media at Wikipedia.
Automobile workers standing with Myles Horton (second from right),
at Highlander Folk School.

 Eleven people, including Thurgood Marshall, Anne Braden, Myles Horton, and Septima Clark, are seated and standing during a Civil Rights meeting at Highlander School. Guy Carawan holds a guitar.


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Miners Workshop
Miners Workshop, 1933
Myles Horton with Typewriter
Myles Horton with Typewriter, 1934
Laundry at Highlander
Laundry at Highlander, 1935
Main Highlander Building
Main Highlander Building, 1935
Picnic Behind Highlander
Picnic Behind Highlander, 1935
"People of Cumberland" Film Still, 1937
Man Next to Green Valley Dairy Sign
Man Next to Green Valley Dairy Sign, 1937
Perry and Elsie Horton with Dogs
Perry and Elsie Horton with Dogs, 1937
Police Near Cars at Textile Workers Strike
Police Near Cars at Textile Workers Strike, 1937
Man Sitting on a Rock
Man Sitting on a Rock, 1939
Writers Workshop at Highlander
Writers Workshop at Highlander, 1940
Portrait of Zilphia Horton
Portrait of Zilphia Horton, 1941
Annual CIO Convention
Annual CIO Convention, 1944
Ford Automobile Union Meeting
Ford Automobile Union Meeting, 1944
Food, Tobacco and Agriculture Workers Session
Food, Tobacco and Agriculture Workers Session, 1947
Frank McCallister with Unionization Graph
Frank McCallister with Unionization Graph, 1947
Jeff Dansby and Jeff Hilton Canvassing Skit
Jeff Dansby and Jeff Hilton Canvassing Skit, 1947
Bunk House Philosophers
Bunk House Philosophers, 1948
Third Farmers Union Session
Third Farmers Union Session, 1948
Community Leadership Workshop
Community Leadership Workshop, 195