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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Experts detail the danger of Israeli lobby in US politics - YouTube

This issue has everything to do with our warring, spending, and impoverishment of our Republic. The US Congress is entirely responsible for our sovereign endangerment. If we had a congress honoring their sworn oaths of office, it'd make no difference who tried to run this country's policies. Be they Zionists, Nazis, Neocons, Communists, et al; with an honest congress we'd be assured of keeping our liberties. You may like your neighbor, but enough so you'd let them call the shots in your family?

Uploaded on Oct 17, 2011
One nation should not have another's leadership under their will. As CIA agent Michael Scheuer and other authors and experts detail, AIPAC and other Israeli lobbies are a problem for America. Using The Bible to prove the case for an "Israel first" foreign policy endagers both our country and their more than it benefits them.

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