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Friday, May 10, 2013

Seal Team 6 Copter Shoot Down: Is the CIA Erasing Evidence of the OBL Operation?

May 9, 2013  1930 EDT
By John Galt

Today’s shocking press conference is forcing me to move this story back to the front page after revelations from the families of the killed Navy Seal Team 6 in Afghanistan in 2011. I posted the story below this video on August 7, 2011 asking the question and now it would appear, almost 2 years later, that my suspicions sadly may be confirmed. God help our Republic if our leaders are so willing to kill brave men in our nation’s service to protect their lies.

Remember the initial lie? The media covering for Obama and his fiends plus many inside the Pentagon claimed that “none of the OBL team were on the flight.”

First and foremost that is utter bullshit.

The media is covering for America’s Messiahdictator and this is enraging. I now REPOST   my original article below for all to read and reconsider. This is another example of the Executive Branch MURDERING American citizens for political and economic gain.

Seal Team 6 Copter Shoot Down: Is the CIA Erasing Evidence of the OBL Operation?

By John Galt
August 7, 2011 09:30 ET

As many of my readers and listeners know, I am not much for conspiracies from the extreme woo-woo land, but every now and then I will take a swim in the conspiracy pool and get a toe or two wet. This morning however, I think I’m diving into the deep end with this one and I hope you’ll follow my logic because the shooting down of the helicopter containing members of Seal Team Six which were involved in the alleged assassination of Osama Bin Laden struck me as just way too coincidental as far as timing and the news flow since the goat lover was announced dead.
The story on the front page of The Drudge Report this morning confirmed that the helicopter was indeed shot down during an operation yesterday, after initial reports from our government painted it as a “crash” that was under investigation. I was instantly skeptical of this report after the news broke because as was validated later in the day, it was the first time for a loss of life that large in one day in that theater of operations and even more unusual it just happened to be members of the United States Navy Seals. That made me even more suspicious and started my conspiratorial Spidey senses (the old Spidey, not the new PC one) to start putting a little logic together and wondering if indeed this was an actual lucky shot by the Taliban or a planned eradication of evidence.

Rumors were abound about the glory of the operation  inside Pakistan which killed allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden. I say allegedly because as I stated on the radio at that time, the facts did not add up. It is not in the nature of any member of the U.S. military that I have ever met to just shoot an unarmed man, especially if that individual could be a huge intelligence cache or asset. Would the Navy Seals escort a CIA team into a combat operations and terminate all security personnel allowing the CIA to kill at will and retrieve data? You betcha. But for the team to enter into a residence and shoot unarmed civilians did not sound like the military I know nor an operation that they would have engaged in unless it was to cover for Central Intelligence Agency operatives.

Thus why since day one of this, I was happy to hear that OBL was dead yet I had lingering doubts.

Now fast forward to several months after the event and numerous stories about a supposedly non-existent Seal Team unit and glorification of a group which has remained faceless and nameless until this point. The White House and its incompetent civilian staff, including the moron who is Vice-President, revealed more about this operation than any administration did in history to almost indoctrinate the public that our soldiers were indeed capable of killing at will, which of course some members of any large military are capable of.  This begs the question: Were the revelations deliberate, accidental, or part of a great plan? The Navy never wanted this much exposure for the unit yet there were operatives within the administration that insisted on leaking to their “friends” in the media details of all sorts, including quite possibly the home addresses and names of the unit’s members per some reports.

The news story yesterday, much like the story concocted for the Osama Bin Laden assassination, is full of puzzle pieces which do not fit and thus my skepticism so let’s take that trip down “Conspiracy Lane” and highlight some points which might make sense to some but paint a possible truth yet will never be revealed in our lifetime.

1. The Central Intelligence Agency is not loved nor admired by long time combat hardened members of our military. This is a historic fact dating back to the atrocities never revealed from the Vietnam War and the tactics used to extract information and actual war crimes that may have been committed but soldiers wisely refused to reveal that information for fear of their lives.

2. The CIA has been quietly been withdrawing key personnel from Pakistan, those that were essential to the OBL operation including the sudden departure of Mark Carlton the CIA Station Chief who was allegedly forced to leave Islamabad by the Pakistani intelligence agency at the behest of their government. This is the second station chief to depart in the last six months that we know of.

3. Most of the members killed yesterday in the helicopter shoot down were members of the team which had personnel which participated in the OBL operation which did have CIA involvement. To add from the BBC’s version of the story:
US sources say the special forces were from the Navy Seal unit which killed Osama Bin Laden, but are “unlikely” to be the same personnel.
Unlikely? The first story was that it was an accident. And since they can never reveal their identities, would you trust THIS GOVERNMENT to tell the truth?

4. The CIA is known for erasing all evidence of high level intelligence programs which could reveal personnel, information and data obtained, or witnesses/non-CIA participants of said operations.

5. This is the first time in almost ten years of warfare in Afghanistan that a Chinook helicopter with a loss of life this large has ever been brought down allegedly by the Taliban.
Am I saying that the CIA shot the helicopter down? Not directly, because there is no evidence that this was the case.

Do I believe in coincidence?


Would I speculate, while wearing my conspiracy hat, that the CIA is capable of hiring operatives inside Afghanistan using their personnel and possibly arming the now probably dead Taliban or drug industry related contractors with Stingers that they would set up the Seal Team to be shot down thus eradicating any evidence of the OBL operation and the information obtained?


In fact I would go further and state that now I am in the camp that Osama could well be alive at an undisclosed location being used to obtain information not just about Al Qaeda operations, but about funding and tactical support from Saudi, Chinese, Pakistani, and other nations that wished to create problems for the United States and the West to accelerate our downfall.

I leave your interpretation and calculations up to each of my readers. The rarity of a loss of this magnitude in a war in which we declared the Taliban were fewer in number and in retreat plus the fact that the dead just “happen” to include the members of the team involved in the OBL operation has helped to make my mind up and I think there is corruption within this government and its shadow government counterpart which goes far beyond the simple assassination of our soldiers and enemies.

God help this Republic of ours if I am correct.