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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ahmadinejad Addresses Red Line Threats Against Iran From The Zionist Regime, Israel - YouTube

Gotta give this president credit when it's due. To continually go before the rabidly anti-Iranian, Zionist-controlled western press is remarkable. His rude, disrespectful treatment in 2007 by the president of Columbia University and anti-American/pro-Zionist audience is unequaled for its hatred of those who are faithful and worship God.

For anyone intellectually honest with themselves and capable of thinking independently outside the box with objectivism, will be at the root of what contributes mightily to America's decay, lost liberties, and slide into despotism for decades of American administrations.

Pay attention closely, and you'll readily identify the distortions, twists, and misinformative commentaries of Charlie Rose. and his co-host. How can an American buy into the "pro-Israel (Zionist)" dogma, and be pro-American? You need not be "anti" anything or anyone if you live by the Golden Rule.