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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Facebook Censors State Rep. Who Encouraged Whistleblowers

With the expulsion of Rep. Shea's public duty project, and other instances highlighted below Facebook now has established a record of censorship - either on its own or in collusion with government intelligence apparatchiks.

Facebook removed a Wash. state politician’s post earlier this week, after claiming it to be “abusive.”
Wash. State Rep. Matthew Shea (R), posted a link to a freedom foundation article Wednesay, that informed government employees of how to expose corruption and dishonesty at the state level.

“How to legally be protected as a whistleblower is clearly becoming an important issue with scandal after scandal being exposed. Whistleblowers are just one more way to expose and stop an over reaching out of control federal government,” said Shea.

Soon after the post, friends of Rep. Shea began to inform him that they were unable to share the link, just before Facebook removed it all together.

“As the voices of Freedom and Liberty grow louder and more effective on social media, there will in turn be a squelching of the internet,” said Shea.

Rep. Shea, a practicing attorney and leader in the 10th Amendment movement, is not suprised by Facebook’s decision given the political climate.

“Speech, especially when it challenges the status quo, is always silenced. History teaches us that this should not be a surprise. History also teaches us that when this happens it is precisely the right time to redouble our efforts and press the attack,”said  Shea.

The recent revelation of massive NSA spying revealed by former NSA employee Edward Snowden, has bolstered the Obama administration’s  “Insider Threat” program, in an effort to stop any government information, regardless of it’s legality, from being leaked.

Facebook, who seems to have joined in on the effort to stop any government employees from exposing corruption, has continually been engaged in political censorship over recent years as well.

Last Month, without explanation, Facebook suspended the account of several mothers who posted photos of their children at the March Against Monsanto Protest.

Natural News, a health related website, had its Facebook account suspended last year after it posted a quote from Gandhi, which commented on the British disarming the country of India.

With more NSA revelations expected to come, possibly leading to an increase in whistleblowing, the likelyhood of massive government censorship is expected to rise.

Mikael Thalen is the new head writer for His articles have been featured on sites such as Infowars, Natural News and Occupy Monsanto. During his time at, he was frequently ranked the number one political writer.