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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Government Regulation cause LDS canning facilities to SHUT DOWN

Millions of persons have benefited from the canning services offered at the LDS Canneries all over the U.S. as the LDS Church does not require that a person be a member of their church to participate in the bulk purchasing, but this shut down will inevitably make things more challenging for those who are trying to acquire quality food essentials at affordable prices. Source

If your state legislature and governor has not been NULLIFYING federal laws and regulations not Constitutionally authorized then you are being ruled unlawfully by the Republicrat Party! Get your church to forfeit its un-Constitutional IRS tax-exemption and set your congregation free.

Unfortunately, the LDS Church (corporation) has enabled the wolf at the door to have the full run of the house in matters such as these. Personal interviews unveiled numerous accounts of supervisors of the canneries feeling badgered and even harassed by the USDA and the FDA. At one point the LDS Church was told that they had to stop canning their homegrown peaches because they were told by the government entity inspecting them that “they were too juicy.” Yup—“too juicy”. How about that for a lame excuse? As a result, the LDS Church began drying some of their produce so that they could still provide such yummy, nutritional produce. (Their dried apples are divine.)
LDS Canneries “east of the Mississippi” will no longer be canning any food at their facilities beginning June 27th, 2013, as they are no longer able to justify the abhorrent costs to keep in compliance with the ever-changing criteria set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. Kellene Bishop, Preparedness Pro | May 19 2013
Well, thanks to Big Brother’s ulterior agenda, come June 26th there will no longer be ANY canning activity at these facilities east of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, the government entities have made it far too costly, topped with even exposure to legal liabilities to continue providing this amazing service to their communities.

The LDS Church Would NOT Make This Decision Lightly

Keep in mind that the LDS Church Corporation is no pauper nor have they shown anything but an admirable determination to continue running these facilities over the years. They stand as a beacon of self-sufficiency in every sense of the word as they are run debt free and strictly by volunteers. There’s hardly a home of an LDS Member in existence that doesn’t possess at least a couple of their trademarked, understated brand of #10 cans from the cannery and there are millions of non LDS persons who have discovered the food that can be purchased from these centers as one of the best kept secrets to successful family budgeting. Millions of volunteer hours are ...

In lieu of the recent IRS scandal in which conservative political groups were targeted by the IRS, it doesn't surprise me that the LDS church would also be a target of the government.

You don't begin to attack the church head-on but you can begin to tactically "shut down" (through regulatory laws) certain appendages of the church to begin to weaken it. With the church's stance on political hot button topics like gay marriage, pro-life, pro constitutional rights, it's predominant conservative base and it's growing influence, I think that progressive socialists might indeed see them as a threat. And as patterned by past socialist governments, when you have power, you wield it to permanently make it impossible to overthrow it by taking down your biggest threats. Could this be an early indicator of things to come? A conspiracy? Like the article's writer, I believe indeed that it is.

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