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Monday, June 10, 2013

State Department cover-up of 70,000 State Department employees worldwide. From Prostitution Charges To Drug Rings.

Congress - again - is still AWOL on their oversight responsibilities!
June 10, 2013
Source: CBS 

CBS News has uncovered documents that show the State Department may have covered up allegations of illegal and inappropriate behavior within their ranks.

A draft of the Inspector General’s report on the performance of the Diplomatic Security Service, obtained by CBS News, states, “Hindering such cases calls into question the integrity of the investigative process, can result in counterintelligence vulnerabilities and can allow criminal behavior to continue.”

Fedenisn was part of the team that drafted the whistleblower report, and CBS News reports that two hours after the charges were reported, investigators from the State Department’s Inspector General showed up at her door.