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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Secession, State and Liberty

Secession, State and Liberty

The essays in Secession, State & Liberty argue that the political impulse to secede--to attempt to separate from central government control--is a vital part of the Lockean classical-liberal tradition, one that emerges when national governments become too big and too ambitious. 

Unlike revolution, secession seeks only separation from rule, preferably through non-violent means. It is based on the moral idea, articulated by Ludwig von Mises in 1919, that "no people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want." 

These important essays--which cover philosophy, history, economics, and law--argue that the threat of secession should be revived as a bulwark against government encroachment on individual liberty and private property rights, as a guarantor of international free trade, and as protection against attempts to curb the freedom of association.

This volume is composed of these eleven essays:

  • The Secession Tradition in America (Donald W. Livingston)
  • When is Political Divorce Justified? (Steven Yates)
  • The Ethics of Secession (Scott Boykin)
  • Nations By Consent: Decomposing the Nation-State (Murray N. Rothbard)
  • Secession: The Last, Best Bulwark of Our Liberties (Clyde N. Wilson)
  • Republicanism, Federalism, and Secession in the South, 1790 to 1865 (Joseph R. Stromberg)
  • Yankee Confederates: New England Secession Movements Prior to the War Between the States (Thomas DiLorenzo)
  • Was the Union Army's Invasion of the Confederate States a Lawful Act? An Analysis of President Lincoln's Legal Arguments Against Secession (James Ostrowski)
  • The Economic and Political Rationale for European Secessionism (Hans-Hermann Hoppe)
  • A Secessionist's View of Quebec's Options (Pierre Desrochers and Eric Duhaime)
  • How to Secede in Business Without Really Leaving: Evidence of the Substitution of Arbitration for Litigation (Bruce L. Benson)
Included as appendices are the text of:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Articles of Confederation
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • The Constitution of the Confederate States
Source:  Secession, State and Liberty