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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Dollar Collapse And WW3 HAS BEGUN, MUST SEE ! - YouTube

A patriot broke is a sorry bloke, and will be a failure to his family, country, and his descendents, but might be the best informed in the gulag. Without resources he's abandoned, forgotten, and of no utility to restoring lost liberties for himself, his fellow countrymen, and his God. Imprisoned "patriots" will be remembered by their descendents as the "great-granddaddies that knew better, but didn't."

If you still believe the wrecking of America began with Obama or won't continue on after his departure, you're an idiot. Furthermore, if you're of the belief that a new helmsman at the Federal Reserve will make us whole again, maybe the guillotine for you is the best remedy.

For the last 200+ years, the world's oppressed that saw the fate that would befall them in their own country were able to seek refuge in America. We were the beacon of hope for the world. Where will you go?