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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Azerbaijan to suspend cooperation with U.S. and NATO to ensure energy security with Russia

Evidently the US/UN/Neocon Corporatist Axis blew this one. Action now calls for a clandestine and covert destabilization plan for the region...if they DARE.

13:05 14/08/2013 » Region

In the framework of Putin's visit to Azerbaijan, the parties coordinated many issues in military sphere; in particular, issues of a rather large-scaled cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia during the 22 years of independence, the Russian military source reported this to "Doctrine", the Military Journalistic Investigation Center, says Azerbaijani news agency "Salamnews".

According to MJIC "Doctrine" information Azerbaijan is committed to purchase weapons and military equipment from Russia by $ 4 billion during the next 2-3 years.

"Representatives of Rosoboronexport will participate in the operation of defense industry facilities in Azerbaijan. Military-industrial companies of Russia will take part in the repair process of military equipment and weapons of Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Azerbaijan will suspend cooperation with the U.S. and NATO to ensure energy security. Azerbaijani-Russian dialogue will be re-established in order to ensure the Caspian safety. Annually 100 people will be sent to Russia by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry to study at Russian military educational institutions," Salamnews reports.

According to Russian media reports, Azerbaijan had previously purchased from Russia 100 units of infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3, 18 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) "Tornado", 94 units of T-90S tanks, 6 pieces of heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun"(a new version of "Buratino"), 18 units of self-propelled artillery guns "Vienna", 18 units of self-propelled artillery "MSTA-S". According to the Russian Internet sites, in accordance with applicable between Russia and Azerbaijan agreement, the Azerbaijani side can get a new batch of T-90S tanks. Russia insists that this is just a business transaction which absolutely will not upset the balance of power in the region. Meanwhile, the experts note that such deals, however, affect the regional processes. 

Source: Armenian News: