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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tracking random hate crime mob attacks and murders in July

Mob attacks and murders in July. It is important to note that this is just a small sampling. For example, this website paid close attention to Jacksonville, FL and found at least five whites killed by blacks within the span of fourteen days. 

Three were completely random thrill killings. The other two were brothers killed by a black acquaintance. However, the same suspect is also accused of shooting another white victim in the face earlier in the month. One of the victims was killed in a spree of attacks involving three victims. Another white male and a young white female were shot by random strangers. The female victim was shot execution style after cooperating with a robber. There is another seemingly random, young, white female, victim where nothing is known about the suspect. She was killed during the same 14 day period Jacksonville. She was shot in her driveway and census records show the area is 41% black. None of the perpetrators got anything of significance from these murders. We feel that the desire to kill should be seen as the chief motive in these random murders, not a desire to commit robbery. The media loves to downplay these killings as “robberies.”

If you know of other attacks in July, or new attacks that just occurred, click here.