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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Israel 'spearhead' of US imperialism

Date and Time:28 September 2013 - 19:56 

The US government is pressured to serve Israel’s interests due to the influence of the Zionist lobby in the United States and the role of the Zionist regime as the “spearhead of imperialism” in the Middle East, an anti-war activist in Europe says.

It is “important for the Americans to help Israel to create chaos in the whole region and to redraw the borders and everything and all those plans that they have,” said Dirk Adriaensens, a member of the BRussells Tribunal in Leuven, Belgium.

The pro-Israel pressure groups in the US actively work to steer US foreign policy in favor of Israel, Adriaensens told Press TV on Saturday.

“The Israeli lobby, the Zionist lobby in America is very, very strong with AIPAC and AIPAC owns practically the whole political class in the US, including Democrats and Republicans,” Adriaensens said.

Israel’s military chiefs are pushing the United States for a bump in the $3.1 billion military aid the Zionist regime receives in military aid every year even as America is struggling with domestic economic issues.

The campaign to boost the military aid comes as the flow of US taxpayers’ dollars to Israel is already guaranteed under a 10-year agreement between Washington and Tel Aviv signed in 2007, the UPI reports.

“They’re not many Congress members who want to stand up against Israel, so if Israel says it wants more money, I think they would get it and many people thought in 2008 it would have changed with [the election of] President Obama but it’s the other way around, it’s getting worse and worse,” Adriaensens added.

“Israel doesn’t serve actually American interest, it does not, but America serves Israeli interest in the region and so I think that Israel is the biggest threat for world peace right now.”

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