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Thursday, January 29, 2015

John McCain: Professional Political Crook *videos(2)*

It's because of immoral politicians like McCain that we've been in a slide into the sewer. And yet, his peers wink and carry on with hitting the people with a hammer.

McCain is a charter member of the "Me Firsters". Ridding our congress of traitors one-by-one is ineffective, drawn-out, inconclusive, and expensive. Presumably So. Carolina is making a concerted effort to expunge itself of the Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) horrors. 

Our enemies can readily install another dozen to take the place of any deposed politician. McCain is just one of the crooks that was revealed in the Keating S&L "scandal" (we'd call it a CRIME). Just permitting the McPain to fade from the political scene and ride off into the night without a pound of flesh for the American people is not justice.

The ironical thing here is that this video was produced by Obama's 2008 presidential campaign !

The The Savings and Loan Scandal

Who is John McCain?

He passes himself off as a war hero even though fellow POWs in Vietnam say he collaborated with his captors.

So what else does he do?

He's a US Senator who is good at raising money...from anyone one and that included financial criminals who needed him to run interference in Washington DC for them.

He did it during the Saving and Loan crisis of the 1980s and he did it during the Sub Prime Meltdown of the 2008.

And we're supposed to take this lying, thieving sack of s***'s word for anything as if he's some kind of statesman.

Are they serious?