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Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Kill all whistle blowers" says Michigan Congressman

Should Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) be charged with Treason for gross violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution? The “ayes” have it. Book ‘em Dano, tar and feather, run him out of the country on a rail, then let’s hang him.

Name: Mike Rogers
Congress: Michigan, District: 8, Republican
Cumulative Freedom Index Score: 51%
Status: Active Member of the House


Mike Rogers received 71% of campaign contributions ($1,211,461) from outside his state. (Rank: 85 out of 421.) Obama should be able to count on Rogers not offering any meaningful opposition to Obamacare. See Rogers list of special interest handlers here.

Michigan8Mike RogersR(202) 225-4872 @RepMikeRogersFacebook

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Here's an idiot Congressman and former FBI agent calling for the state murder of Bradley Manning.

What did Bradley Manning do?

He released video that documented a war crime.

Let's remember what happened here. A helicopter attack ship hovered over a group of unarmed men, including journalists, and gunned them down in cold blood.

How did this video put "soldiers in the field" at risk? The killers in this case were obviously long gone and, as far as I know, they were never identified.

The Congressman: "You have to stop this culture of disclosure."