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Sunday, October 20, 2013

▶ Euro Soars As The U.S. Dollar Continues To Sink..By Gregory Mannarino - YouTube

Published on Oct 18, 2013 
Market Watch:
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Greg always furnishes his viewers with excellent insight and format. We would like to suggest that Americans defer to the Canadian$ instead of the Euro for holding fiat. Gold and silver, by all means continue the accumulating to preserve your savings, not for immediate exchange. The metals will hold their purchasing power relative to other real goods, ie, a man's nice suit will hold its value of one gold eagle while the fiat price may go to $5,000USD or CAD. Here's the link to Net Dania to perform your own chart backtesting.

We suspect the enemy is poised to unveil their NAU for implementation at any time. Whether it's the Amero for our replacement fiat vehicle we, of course don't know. But the bunkogov will try to "level off" the No. American fiats to some level, and that will mean a greater decline for the USD vs. the CAD. Besides, Canada's natural resources will be like "money" in the ground to be dug. Just my ramblings, not a registered advisor in any form, just so you understand. CAUTION: I have been wrong on numerous occasions!