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Saturday, October 5, 2013

National Education Association Pushes for Sodomite Rights by Al Benson Jr.

If our children's education is best administered in an open, freely competitive teaching environment why does our government need a teacher's union to protect their own ?

Posted Yesterday at 11:05 PM

Just read an article from "World" magazine on which talked about the meeting of the National Education Association held last July in Atlanta.

The NEA is supposed to be the teachers union that is so concerned about a quality education for those of our kids unfortunate enough to be stuck in public schools. The "World" article noted: "At this July's National Education Association (NEA) annual convention in Atlanta...Attendees showed more interest in gay rights than student achievement...At packed-out GLBTC (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus) meetings, attendees celebrated the recent Supreme Court decisions.

One speaker mocked the group of bigots' fighting for traditional marriage, calling them small and crass, to the cheering and laughter of attendees."

The "World" article mentioned a new NEA resolution they sought to get passed. It read: "NEA will encourage all states and NEA Affiliates to use existing means of communication to promote developmentally appropriate instructional resources in order to help all educators integrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history, people, and issues into their instruction..." That's a fancy way of saying that they are going to bombard your kids with gay, lesbian and transgender propaganda under the guise of "educational instruction."

This is where your public schools and teachers unions plan to take us. Is this where you want your kids or grandkids going? If so, just leave them in public schools and they will get there.

If you are a Christian you shouldn't be willing to put up with this stuff. Will Christians begin to realize how foul this "public educational bird" is and start to take their kids out from under its influence? Time will tell, but if they are not, the culture we lose will be our own. 

 SOURCE revisedhistory